Oak Grove Cemetery Society News & Notes:

"Uniting the Community" for the Restoration and Preservation of Brunswick's Historic Oak Grove Cemetery!

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OGCS Mission:

The dedicated purpose of the Oak Grove Cemetery Society is to support the City of Brunswick, the descendants of those at rest, and the public with the protection, conservation, preservation and maintenance of Historic Oak Grove Cemetery.

Oak Grove Cemetery Society Brunswick Georgia Inc. is currently has a membership of eighty-five.  OGCS members live as far west as California and as far north as Connecticut.

Oak Grove Cemetery Society is an all volunteer non-profit organization that uses donations to support the “protection, preservation and promotion" of Brunswick’s historic Oak Grove Cemetery established 1838.

Oak Grove Cemetery is a place of Brunswick’s History and Heritage.

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OGCS Timeline:

People have asked, "So, what has the Oak Grove Cemetery Society been doing?"

March 2014 Oak Grove Cemetery Society Brunswick Georgia Inc.  Formation of a Georgia Domestic Non-Profit Organization

April 2014 Scent Dog Program located unmarked graves in Oak Grove Cemetery

May 2014 Oak Grove Cemetery Society hosts an afternoon tea at Brunswick’s Old City Hall to publicly announce formation

June 2014 OGCS presents its first walking tour in the cemetery “Lambs, Lilies and RosebudsVictorian Symbolism in the Cemetery"

August 2014 Flag Ceremony.  Three new flags accepted by OGCS for the cemetery given by the SCV and UDC.  Music was provided by the Coastal Brass Choir

September 2014 OGCS secured a "Memorandum of Understanding" with the city of Brunswick, naming OGCS as "guardian of Historic Oak Grove Cemetery"; partners with the common goal of protecting, conserving and maintaining the cemetery

October 2014 OGCS presents it’s October walking tour:  "Murder; Mayhem and Madness".  Over 100 in attendance.  Proceeds paid for OGCS first gift to Oak Grove Cemetery

November 2014 work with volunteer history students for Coastal College Clean-Up Day

November 2014 First Master Plan Meeting with Stakeholders to identify needs, projects that will drive fundraising, looking at infrastructure, cemetery management, horticulture, trees and canopy assessment, and public safety

December 2014 Cleaned monuments and crypts in the plot of a Brunswick founding father, Ubanus Dart, the city also removed a dead tree

December 2014 Brunswick’s Tour of Homes The Chapel in Oak Grove Cemetery with over 200 in attendance

January 2015 OGCS bestows honorary memberships to Bill and Bob Brown for being the first contributors to Oak Grove Cemetery Society

January 2015 Second "Master Plan" meeting and luncheon with Stakeholders Projects identified

February 2015 Worked in the cemetery with Coastal College student volunteers and local historian Amy Hedrick

February 2015 Infrastructure:  OGCS Trustee Jerry Spencer working with the city Public Works Department to locate a source of water supply to Oak Grove Cemetery.

March 2015 OGCS published first "Self-Guided Walking Tour" brochure for Oak Grove Cemetery

March 2015 Third "Master Plan" meeting with Stakeholders at the Coastal Kitchen.  Guest speaker Gary Knappenberger.  Restoration of and cost to restore the historic iron fencing and posts surrounding Oak Grove Cemetery originally placed in 1855

April 2015 The Brunswick City Commission designated Oak Grove Cemetery a Historic Site at the request of Oak Grove Cemetery Society.  OGCS helped write the Historic Guidelines for the Brunswick Historic Preservation Board.  All historic elements of Oak Grove Cemetery are now protected.

May 2015 OGCS, Brunswick Public Works, and arborist design a plan for tree and tree canopy maintenance in Oak Grove Cemetery

May 2015 Magnolia Garden Club presents OGCS with a donation of $2,500 for a project to install a brick terrace in front of the cemetery chapel as a gathering place.  Designed by landscape architect Jerry Spencer.

June 2015 OGCS presented “First Gift” to the City of Brunswick for the protection of Oak Grove Cemetery; OGCS's "First Gift" will stand sentry at the main gate to "Protect".  Music performed by Coastal Brass Choir, the "First Give" was accepted by Commissioner Cason.

August 2015 OGCS received a donation from the descendants of Ann Elizabeth Whitmire, presented by Albert Fendig.

September 2015 City of Brunswick provides water to Oak Grove Cemetery.  Community Clean-Up Day in Oak Grove Cemetery.

October 2015 Community Education:  OGCS History Walking Tour:  "Tales from the Tomb", over 100 in attendance.  Project:  Documentary filming of Oak Grove Cemetery & OGCS

November 2015 Project:  Utilities moved from power pole and upgraded to a panel to rear of the chapel to clear space for a Victorian Brick Terrace with seating and landscaping in front of Oak Grove Chapel.

December 2015 Project  Victorian Octagonal Brick Terrace  started;  Brick Tomb of Georgia Brown Whitfield ruled abandoned (died September 1885).  Now OGCS will be allowed to rebuild tomb roof before her remains are exposed;  Oak Grove Cemetery Society Brunswick Georgia Inc. recognized by IRS as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization effective to formation March 28, 2014!

January 2016 OGCS received a grant from the Bailey-Thompson Fund; a component fund of the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation. The grant is for General Support.  Victorian terrace is completed.  Great things are coming to Oak Grove Cemetery!




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Contact Information:

To find out how you can get involved or become a member of the Oak Grove Cemetery Society:

P.O. Box 3029
Brunswick, GA 31521
(912) 275-8009


Board of Directors:

Robert M. Gindhart, III  —  President

Troup Nightingale  —  Vice President

Carolyn Nugent  —  Treasurer

Sandra Colhard  —  Secretary

Kimi Stone  —  Corresponding Secretary

Bill Weeks  —  Board Member at Large

Ernest Jones  —  Board Member at Large, Director of Cemetery Grounds

Jerry Spencer  —  Board Member At Large-Director of Landscape Projects

Bonnie Roberts  — Director of Membership