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attached conveyance from the Taylor Lumber company, dated 31st day of March 1909, and for and in consideration of the sum of five dollars, and other good and valuable considerations, hereby release and cancel the lien of said mortgage in and to the property described in and conveyed by the said conveyance from the Taylor Lumber Company to The Brewster Lumber company, it being understood that the lien of said mortgage as to the rest of the property described in said original mortgage dated September 21, 1906, shall stand and remain of full force and effect.
          In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands, affixed our seals and delivered these presents, on this the 3rd day of April 1909, these presents being executed by Robert H. Whittington in the county of Somerset, state of Maryland, and by W.B. Miller, U.W. Dickerson, C.R. Disharoon and R.D. Grier, in the county of Wicomico Maryland.

Robert H. Whittington {ls}
W.B. Miller
U.W. Dickerson
C.R. Disharmony
R.D. Grier

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of
(as to Robert H. Whittington).
O.L. Tar
Aden Davis
, Jr. Notary Public Somerset, County Maryland
K.L. Smith

(as to W.B. Miller, U.W. Dickerson, C.R. Disharoon and R.D. Grier.)
K.L. Smith
E.C. Fulton
Notary Public Wicomico, County, Maryland

Recorded April 13th 1909 A.O. Townsend Deputy Clerk


          This Indenture, made and entered into on this the 22nd day of February 1909, by and between Henry B. King, as the duly qualified executor of the last will and testament of His Mother Mary Louisa King, late of Richmond County, Georgia, deceased, said executor being hereinafter designated as the first party, and A.R. Berrie, of Glynn county, Georgia, as the second party.
          Witnesseth, that whereas, the first party claims title to the land hereinafter described on the following claims of title to wit; A grant of the same made to Joshua Miller by the state of Georgia dated November 19, 1800, and registered in the book of land grants lettered CCCC, in the office of the Secretary of State of said State, then a deed from John W. Hunter as Administrator on the estate of said Joshua Miller to John P. King, conveying said land, which deed is dated February 25th 1840, and was recorded in book “L”, page 184 in the office of the Clerk of the superior court of said Glynn county, then by the will of said John P. King, by which said land was bequeathed and devised to said Mary Louisa King said will having been probated March 22nd 1888 and admitted to record April 2nd 1888, in the Court of Ordinary of said Richmond county, of which said county both said John P. King, and Mary Louisa King were residents at the time of their deaths; then by the will of the said Mary Louisa King which was duly probated in said court of Ordinary of said Richmond county, on

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which will Henry B. King, qualified as executor on January 5th 1891, and in which latter will he was nominated as sole executor and was given full power to sell all the lands of said Testatrix in his discretion, either at public or private sale without first getting an order or judgment allowing a him so to do from any court or tribunal.
          Now therefore, said first party acting under said power and for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) to him cash in hand paid by the second party at and before the signing, sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged has granted, bargained, sold and conveyed, and by these presents does grant, bargain, sell and convey unto said second party his heirs and assigns, all the following real estate to wit; All that certain tract, lot or parcel of land situate in said Glynn county Georgia, and being known and described as Little Blythe Island, consisting of one hundred and ninety (190) acres more or less, and bounded on all sides by Marshes and by Blythe Cut-off Creek said land being more fully described in said grant to the same hereinbefore described, and the plat annexed to said grant, reference to said plat and grant and the registry thereof being hereby made for all purposes; together with all the rights, members, improvements and appurtenances to said tract of land in any way belonging or appertaining.
          To have and to hold said land and its appurtenances to said second party, his heirs and assigns, forever, in fee simple, and in as full and ample a manner as the same was or could have or might be held by said Mary Louisa King, or by any one claiming or to claim by, through or under her. And for the consideration aforesaid that certain case now pending in the superior court of said Glynn county, wherein said first party hereto is the Plaintiff and H. Barnhill, Davis & Brandon, J.S.N. Davis, Jr. and G.W. Brandon, are defendants, the subject matter of said suit being for certain acts of trespass alleged to have been committed on said land hereinbefore described and conveyed, by said defendants, is hereby settled, and this conveyance shall operate as a settlement, discharge, satisfaction and retraxit as to said suit.
          IN witness whereof, said first party has hereunto set his hand, affixed his seal and delivered these presents this the day and year first hereinbefore written and mentioned in the state of Georgia, and county of Richmond.

H.B. King {ls}

As executor of the last will and testament of Mary Louisa King

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of.
Susan Dodge
James M. Hull Jr.
Notary Public Richmond Co. Ga.


State of Georgia Richmond county, S.S.
          I, Geo. B. Pournelle deputy clerk of the superior court, of said county, the same being a Court of record and having a seal, do hereby certify that James M. Hull, Jr., Esq., whose name is subscribed to the certificate of the proof or the acknowledgement of the annexed instrument and thereon written, was at the time of the taking of such proof or acknowledgement a Notary Public in and for said county of Richmond, duly commissioned and qualified and duly authorized by the laws of this State to take the proof or acknowledgement of deeds; and that I am well acquainted with the handwriting of such officer, and verily believe that the signature to the said certificate of the proof or acknowledgement is genuine.
          In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court, this twenty second day of February 1909.

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