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lots bounded by Putnam, L., Stacey and K Streets and being the same property conveyed to the said Levi Goldsmith by Georgia Investment Company by deed dated May 3, 1915.
          To Have And To Hold said described and bargained property, together with the improvements thereon, and all and singular, the rights, members and appurtenances belonging or in anywise appertaining unto the second party, its successors and assigns, forever in fee simple, in as full and complete a manner as the said Levi Goldsmith held or could have held the same.
          In Testimony Whereof, said F.M. Scarlett, Jr. as such administrator, has hereunto set his hand, affixed his seal and delivered these presents, on this the day and year first above written.

F.M. Scarlett, Jr. {seal}

Administrator upon the estate of Levi Goldsmith, deceased

Signed, sealed and delivered In the presence of:
T.E. Anderson

Wm. M. Dunwody Notary Public, Glynn Co., Ga.

Recorded April 14th 1917 A.O. Townsend Dept. clerk


          THIS INDENTURE, made and entered into on this April 7, 1917, by and between Davis and Brandon, a firm of co-partners composed of J.S.N. Davis and G.W. Brandon, all of said County, as the first parties, and A.R. Berrie of Glynn County, Georgia, as the second parties, Witnesses,-----
          That Whereas, the first parties did on October 3rd, 1914 execute and deliver to the second party a certain bond for title wherein the firs parties did obligate themselves to convey to the second party of the tract of land first hereinafter described at and for the agreed purchase price of Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) evidenced by the promissory note of the second party payable to the first parties, for that amount as principal, falling due one year after its date, the obligation being that upon the payment of said note and upon the doing of certain other things by the second party as in said bond stipulated that the first parties would make and deliver to the second party a deed conveying to him said real estate.---
          And Whereas, the second party has fully paid said note and has done and performed the other things stipulated to be done and performed by him in said bond for title.
          Now Therefore, the first parties in consideration of such payments and the other things done and performed by said second party, and in order to carry out the obligations resting on them under said bond for title, have granted, bargained, sold and conveyed and do hereby grant, bargain, sell and convey to the second party, his heirs or assigns, all the following real estate:- All that tract of parcel of land situate on Blythe Island, in said Glynn County, and lying just to the North of that portion of said Island platted and known as “Naval City”, containing sixty (60) acres of land, more or less, and being particularly described by ciurses [sic] an distances as follows: Beginning at that point on the Northern line of said “Naval City” where the Eastern line of Sixteenth street of said “Naval City” intersects said line, and thence running North 6 ¼° West, along the prolongation of said Eastern line of said Sixteenth street, a distance of eight hundred and twenty (820) feet, thence North 83 ¾° East about three thousand two hundred (3200) feet to a stake,

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on Turtle River; thence in a general Southeasterly direction, along the West bank of said Turtle River, to the point on said River where the said Northern line of said “Naval City” intersects the same; thence South 83 ¾° West along said Northern line of said “Naval City” thirty-five hundred (3500) feet, more or less, to the point of beginning; said sixty (60) acres being bounded North and West by lands formerly known as lands of Mrs. Kennard, East by Turtle River and South by said “Naval City”.
          To Have And to Hold said sixty (60) acres with its rights, members, improvements and appurtenances, to the second party, his heirs or assigns, forever in fee simple; and the first parties, for themselves and their legal representatives, the right, and title thereto unto the second party, his heirs or assigns, will forever warrant and defend against the claim or demand of all persons by virtue of these presents.
          The First Parties, in consideration of the additional sum of One Dollar to them cash paid by the second party, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do further grant, bargain, sell, convey and quit-claim (but do not warrant) to the second party, his heirs or assigns all the right, title, interest and estate of the first parties in and to all the undivided one half interest in and to all the lands covered by and embraced in the Avenues, Streets, Lanes and Alleys, in said “Naval City”, as shown on the map or plat thereof recorded in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of said Glynn County, reference thereto being had for a description of the same.
          In Witness Whereof the first parties have hereunto set their hands and seals and delivered these presents, the day first before written.

Davis & Brandon {L.S.}
by J.S.N. Davis {L.S.}
J.S.N Davis
G.W. Brandon

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of:
Witnesses as to the signature of
Davis and Brandon by J.S.N. Davis
and of J.S.N. Davis & G.W. Brandon

1. Casius J. Robb
2. C.M. Musslewhite Notary Public, Camden Co., Ga.

Recorded April 16th 1917 A.O. Townsend Dept. Clerk


State of Georgia, County of Glynn.
          This Indenture made and entered into this September 15th A.D. 1916, between Sandy Berrien of said County and State the party of the first part and Ed Rose of the same place the party of the second part;
Witnesseth: That Whereas on July 10th 1915, the said party of the first part made, executed and delivered to R.B. McCullough, a promissory note wherein the said Sandy Berrien was maker and payor and the said R.B. McCullough the payee, the same being for the sum of one hundred and sixty-five dollars, to fall due nine months after date, and drawing interest from date at eight per centum per annum;
          And Whereas, the said note was for borrowed money and it was understood and agreed that the said R.B. McCullough would only loan said money upon the endorsement of said note by J.W. Thompson and the said Ed Rose, whereupon they each endorsed said note and the money was thereupon delivered to the said Sandy Berrien.
          And Whereas the said endorsers endorsed said note only upon condition that they should be secured from all loss by reason of the said endorsement by a mortgage upon the

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