Glynn Co. Deed Book EE
Part 1

Page 21

Georgia Glynn County
        This Indenture made this 23rd day of July Eighteen hundred and eighty eight between A. Lammar [sic] and Richard Pinkney and C.M.E. Church of America known as the Magnolia Church of the county of Glynn and State of Georgia.  Witnesseth that the said A. Lammar and Richard Pinkney for and in consideration of the natural feelings and affection they have for said church said A. Lammar and R. Pinkney hereby gives grants and conveys to the said Magnolia Church all that tract of parcel of land lying in said county bounded on the north by Lammar and Pinkney lands, East by New Hope, South and West by Lama [sic] and Pinkney land containing one acre more or less together with all the rights and privileges thereunto belonging for the purpose of Church and School Services and when said land is no more used for said services it shall return to said Lama and Pinkney forever in fee simple.  In witness whereof the said A. Lamma [sic] and R. Pinkney has hereunto set their hands and seal the day and year above written.

Andrew x Lama {L.S.}
his mark

Richard x Pinkney {L.S.}
his mark

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Anis x Pinkney [his mark] and Geo. C. Myers N.P. & Ex o. J.P.

[plat map located on this page--Amy Hedrick]

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Page 22

Georgia Glynn County.  By request of Andrew Lama and Richard Pinkney I have this day laid of [sic] the above tract of land for the Magnolia Church and bounded as Stated on above map this the 23rd day of July 1888.  George C. Myers Dept. C.S. J.C.

Recorded this May 22nd 1889 H.H. Harvey Dept. Clerk S.C.G.C.


State of Georgia  Glynn County

        This Indenture, made the eighteenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty nine between Julia Holmes of the county of Glynn of the one part and R.T. Clark of the county of Glynn of the other part:  Witnesseth that the said Julia Holmes for and in consideration of the sum of Five hundred dollars cash in hand paid, at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted, bargained, sold, aliened, conveyed and confirmed, and by these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, alien, convey and confirm unto the said R.T. Clark his heirs and assigns, all those tracts lots or parcels of land situate lying and being in the New Town and in the City of Brunswick said State and County and known and distinguished and designated upon the map of the filan[?] of said city made A.D. 1837 by George R. Baldwin as lots number Seventeen hundred and six, and Seventeen hundred and seven 1706 & 1708 [sic].
        To have and to hold the said bargained premises with all and singular the rights, members and appurtenances thereunto appertaining to the only proper use, benefit and behoof of the said R.T. Clark and his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in Fee Simple; and the said Julia Holmes the said bargained lots tracts or parcels of land unto the said R.T. Clark his heirs

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