Glynn Co. Deed Book II
Part 2

Page 736

State of Georgia        }
County of McIntosh  }    This Indenture made and entered into on this Nineteenth day of December Anno Domini One thousand eight hundred and eighty eight between Adam Strain, Henry Huntington, and James K. Clarke, all of said County and State as executors of the last will and testament and upon the estate of Henry Todd late of said County and State, deceased, the parties of the first part and Lawrence R. Akins and Sherrod S. Akins, both of the County of Wayne and said State the parties of the second part.
        Witnesseth, that whereas the said Henry Todd departed this life in said County of McIntosh and State aforesaid on about the first day of May in the year Eighteen hundred and eighty six, leaving a last will and testament and leaving a considerable estate of real and personal property amongst which said real estate is that hereinafter described, and conveyed; and in which said last will and testament the said testator appointed and named as the executors thereof the said Adam Strain, Henry Huntington, and James K. Clarke; which said last will and testament was afterwards and on about the seventh day of June in the year last aforesaid, duly and legally proven in solemn form and admitted to record on lawful and proper proceedings for the purpose in the Court of Ordinary in the County and State first above written and under which said last will and testament afterwards and on the said seventh day of June the said Adam Strain and Henry Huntington, qualified and on the nineteenth day of the same month the said James K. Clarke also qualified as such executors of said last will and upon said estate.  To which said last will now on file in said Court of Ordinary the proceedings for the probate and admission to record of the same and all the proceedings and records in that behalf of file and of record in said Court reference is hereby had for all purposes.
        And Whereas the said Testator Henry Todd in his said last will and by the terms thereof, after making sundry specific devises and bequests to divers persons and institutions did devise and bequeath all the rest and residue of his estate both real and personal to Mary Ann Todd his wife during the term of her natural life; amongst which real and residue as the

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parties of the first part believe was the real property hereinafter described and conveyed and did therein in his said last will touching the same direct that all the same to be kept together and intact during the natural life of said Mary Ann Todd; and that after her death and the death of Francis Williams the half brother of said testator the said executors should within three years after the death of the survivor of them the said Mary Ann Todd and Francis Williams sell either at public or private sale, as to said executors should seem best all of the said residuary estate is [sic] premises with the appurtenances hereinafter described and conveyed.
        And Whereas the said Mary Ann Todd departed this life on the twenty seventh day of July in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven and the said Francis Williams departed this life on the _____ day of _____ in the year eighteen hundred and eighty five and the said executors devise it best that they do now make sale of property hereinafter described and conveyed for the consideration hereinafter stated privately and as by the terms of this present indenture.
        Therefore the parties of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of Twenty Four Hundred and six (2406 00/100) Dollars lawful money of the United States to them cash in hand counted and paid at and prior to the ensealing and delivery of this deed, the receipt of which they hereby admit, have granted, bargained, sold, aliened, revised, released, enf???, confirmed and conveyed and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell, alien, revise, release, enf??, confirm and convey unto the parties of the second part and their heirs and assigns all of the right title and interest of the estate of Henry Todd of in and to that large tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the Counties of Wayne and Glynn and State of Georgia and containing seven thousand one hundred and sixty acres (7160) be the same greater or less and being of irregular yet oblong shape and surrounding entirely some smaller lots of land and partially surrounding other smaller tracts and penetrated at divers points by other

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smaller tracts of sundry owners and being well known as the "Todd Lands" and lying on the waters of the Altamaha River on the Northward and Northeastward, and Allick's Creek on the Northward and Northwestward and bounded Westwardly and Southwardly by the lands of the said Lawrence K. Akins and the lands of R. Goins which penetrate into said greater tract hereby surveyed near its Northern confine and the lands of James Strickland which also penetrate into the said large tract of land, and the lands known as the "Williams Survey" and Thornton lands and Rumph lands and also the lands of E. Howard which penetrate into said large body of land in two places in the Southwest side:  Southwardly and Eastwardly by lands of March Akins, Richard Fitchet, and the "Foreman" and "Gignilliat" lands and others; Eastwardly and Northwardly by the Altamaha River, the lands of James Drawdy, a portion of Allick's Creek, the lands of R. Goins, the Union Church tract and Allick's Creek, again and Northward and Westward by Allick's Creek and the lands of R. Goins and others;  A plot of which said large tract of land hereby conveyed showing boundaries, courses and distances and shape of the same and how the same is penetrated by said other tracts, and in what manner and to what extent the same is so penetrated and the exact positions within the same of the said smaller tracts which the tract hereby conveyed surrounds and shape, size and courses and distances is hereto annexed and marked "A" and made a part of this deed for the more perfect description of the lands hereby conveyed and which plat for the purposes of identification thereof the parties of the first part and the attesting witnesses to this indenture have written their names on the margin of.
        Together with the remainders, reversions, the tenements and hereditaments, and the houses, buildings and fences on the same and the rights members and appurtenances to the same in any  manner belonging or in any way appertaining and also all the estate right, title, claim and demand which the said Henry Todd had in and to the same either in law or in equity.
        To Have and To Hold the said bargained and above described premises with the appurtenances unto the

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said parties of the second part and their heirs and assigns forever and in the fee simple.
        In Testimony whereof the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first above written.

Adam Strain {L.S.} Executor of Henry Todd
James K. Clarke
{L.S.} Executor of Henry Todd
Henry Huntington
{L.S.} Executor of Henry Todd

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of
Alex C. Wylly
Wm. McW Young
N.P. McI Co. Ga.

Recorded this July 1st 1891 J.L. Beach Clk S.C.G.C. Ga.

[Plat map of property spans four pages, not numbered, within the text of the deed--ALH]

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