Louisa Blue
1876 Bastardy Case
Transcribed for me by Laverne Vaughn of New York.


Glynn County

Before me came in person Louisa Blue, who after being duly sworn deposes and says that on the 20th day of November 1876 she was delivered of a Male Bastard Child, in this County, which is likely to become chargeable to said County, and that Peter Miller is the father of said child, sworn to and subscribed before me this July 5th 1879.

(her mark)
Louisa Blue

W.B.C. Coker N.P.& Ex. J.P.

Georgia Glynn County

To any lawful officer to Execute and Return.

Whereas it appears by the affidavit of Louisa Blue, this day made before me, that on the 20th day of November 1876 she was delivered of a Male-Bastard Child, within said county, and that the Bastard Child is likely to become chargeable to the County, and that Peter Miller, is the father of said Bastard Child.

These are therefore to command you to bring said Peter Miller before me or some other Justice of the Peace, in and for said County, to answer the said charge.

Given under my hand and seal this July 5th, 1879

W.B.C. Coker N.P. & Ex. J.P.

After arrest and defendant making no defense.  The prosecution agreed the Bond required by Law Should be waived and they agreed upon amount that should be paid for support of Said child Said agreement is filed with ordinary G.C. G??? July 5th 1879.

Glynn County

The State vs. Peter Miller {Charged by Louisa Blue, as being the father of A Bastard Child.}

Peter Miller agreeing with the said Louisa Blue for and in consideration of the waiving of Bond, as required by Law, that the defendant Peter Miller, is to pay Two Dollars monthly for the support and maintenance of the said Bastard Child to the ordinary of Glynn County GA, first installment due 1st day of August 1879 and monthly thereafter for eleven years next ensuing, and in default of said pay to the ordinary aforesaid.  That the said Louisa Blue, shall have the right to proceed under the law, Witness out hands and seals this July 5th 1879.

(his mark)
Peter Miller

(her mark)
Louisa Blue

W.B.C. Coker
N.P.& Ex. J.P.


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