Laura Southard Confederate Soldier's Exemption 1879

Laura Southard
Confederate Soldier's Exemption 1879

Georgia            }
Glynn County   }     To the Honorable Ordinary of said County the Petition of Laura Southard showeth that she is the wife of J.M. Southard consisting of herself her husband and two minor children.  And your Petitioner further showeth that her husband refused to avail himself and family of the benefit of the Exemption Laws of said State and your Petitioner files the following schedule which she claims is exempt from Levy and Sale under the Laws of said State under Section (2040) of the revised code and acts amendatory [illegible word] this May 5th 1879.

Schedule Laura Southard

Household & Kitchen Furniture     $150.00
Bedding sufficient for the family      $50.00
One Stove & fixtures                     $12.00
Pictures & family portraits              $20.00
Family bible
one sewing machine
wearing apparel for self & family
one cow & calf


Georgia          }
Glynn County }   Personally appeared before me W.B.C. Coker clerk of ordinary for said county Laura Southard who being duly sworn deposes and says that the above and foregoing schedule contains a full and complete Inventory of all the personal property owned by herself & her family.  Sworn to and subscribed before me this May 5th 1879.

                                                          Laura Southard

W.B.C. Coker
Clerk Ordinary GC


Georgia           }
Glynn County  }   Ordinary's office May 5th 1879.  Upon reading and considering the above and foregoing schedule it is ordered by the Court that the Property set forth in said Schedule be and the same is hereby exempt from Levy and Sale under the Section (2040) of the revised Code and acts amendatory [illegible word] for the benefit of said Petitioner and her family.

Given under my hand and seal of office the day and year above written.

W.B.C. Coker Clerk Ordinary GC
Wm. H. Berrie Ordinary GC


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