Wayne County, Georgia Coroner's Inquests 1937-1973

Wayne County, Georgia Coroner’s Inquests 1937-1973

 Due to privacy issues, cases ruled suicide have been removed.
Self-inflicted does not necessarily mean suicide, it usually means an accidental death;
however, I have removed those cases as well.  About 12 cases were removed.

This is not a complete listing of the records.


AHL Ella (Mrs.)—natural causes; 11 December 1950.

ARMSTRONG James (colored)—gunshot wound, was killed by Suzanne Reddish in self defense; 13 March 1941.

ARNOLD Marguerite—body found in lady’s room of train by Mrs. Lewis Dank (she is from Brooklyn, New York) at 9:30 a.m., natural causes; 18 February 1949.

ASHLEY Benjamin Boone—fell from train on 24 June 1951; 26 June 1951.

BACON Mattie—natural causes or heart attack; 22 February 1952.

BURRIS Lillian—choked to death at Doctortown by Prentiss Lively on 1 January 1946; she was killed with Johnnie Young who was killed by Mose Badger at the same time and place; 31 January 1946.

CAMERON Gladys O’Quinn (Mrs.)—murdered, found in bath tub; 17 April 1943.

CARR Emory—hit by train; 19 September 1952.

COUNTS Geneva Oglesby (Mrs.)—gun shot by Jack Pervis, held for grand jury investigation; 25 February 1952.

CROUSE Benjamin F.—smoke inhalation by self set fire while intoxicated; 5 February 1953.

DENNISON Jessie W.—Gunshot wound from .22 Remington Rifle fired by James Carol Todd 12 June 1956, death was ruled accidental; 19 June 1956.

DRUMMER Willie—Found 15 November 1937 attempted to board or leave a moving train, very descriptive of his death; 20 November 1937.

DUNN Johnnie—killed by prison guard Jno. E. Lanier after Dunn attacked employee Mr. Carithers, self defense; 9 December 1953.

EASON Mose W.—auto accident on Hwy. 301 in front of The Pig at 12:10 p.m.; 27 October 1951.

FLOWERS Walter—natural causes; 3 February 1951.

FLOYD John—shot by Rudy Rewis, murder, complete hearing and minutes included, this is a large file; 20 March 1948.

GEIGER Sheppard—gunshot wound from rifle fired by Lee Geiger, investigation of him requested by grand jury; 31 October 1944.

GOODWIN Berry An (male)—died by accident, no cause; 31 January 1942.

GRINER Janie Marie—child of Gladys, father unknown, smothered between mother and another child; 3 March 1952.

HART Eugene Talmadge—drowned in Altamaha River one mile south of Doctortown, accidental; 2 September 1943.

HARTER Calvin—found in swamp near old cess pool in Jesup, natural causes; 31 March 1943.

HERNDON J.E.—hit and run; 6 July 1942.

HERSEY W.C.—causes unknown; 25 September 1948.

HODGES Jack Joshua—accidental drowning in Altamaha River on 31 March 1963 between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m.; 8 April 1963.

JACOBS Thomas—natural causes; 19 June 1951.

JOHNSON Alice—natural causes; 26 November 1941.

JOHNSON Carlton—prisoner, cause unknown; 22 June 1950.

LEGGETT Jim—Heart attack by drinking too much, reported by L.H. Leggett, he died in truck on way home with L.H. Leggett; 24 February 1936.

LOFTON Hattie (Mrs.)—shot by a .22 rifle at the hands of Lee Geiger and 4 year old Bobby Eugene Lofton was hit in the right ear, Retha Lofton was killed as well, held Geiger for murder; 28 August 1950.

LOFTON Retha-- shot by a .22 rifle at the hands of Lee Geiger and 4 year old Bobby Eugene Lofton was hit in the right ear, Mrs. Hattie Lofton was killed as well, held Geiger for murder; 28 August 1950.

MANNING Lizzie C.—natural causes; 24 July 1952.

MARTIN Francis (colored)—died in fire while asleep in chair next to fireplace; 14 December 1953.

McDANIELS Lamar—natural causes; 8 March 1942.

McGAULEY Clyo—struck by train, transcript of hearing; 5 October 1941.

McNAIR Emma—drowned accidentally in ditch of water in Odum on the 15th; 16 February 1953.

MILLS C.N. Jr.—accidental drowning in Altamaha River at Doctortown on Tuesday 6 July 1948 at 5:54 p.m., transcript of case; 10 July 1948.

MINCHEW Tom E.—drowned on 1 December 1943, accidental; 2 December 1943.

OWENS Edd—stroke or heart disease; 18 March 1941.

PALMER Elmo—gunshot wound from Ella Mae Landon Sereos, jury suggests that Ben Stevens was an accessory, transcript of case; 17 February 1949.

POPPELL Mollie (Mrs.)—natural causes; 24 July 1952.

RAMMAGE Joe—drowning on 10 June 1943 near Bethlehem Bridge in Penholloway Creek; 12 June 1943.

RAY Katie Mae (Mrs. Henry)—natural causes on 24 October, fell over dead while shopping; 2 November 1954.

RIDDLE R.N.—heart attack while driving on 12 June at 11 p.m.; 13 June 1949.

RIGGINS J.M.—gunshot from shotgun while getting into his car; James Jr. testified that his father got into the truck, started it, then he heard the shotgun blast; 29 November 1948.

SCOTT James Thomas—ran over by train on 2 May 1943 at Orange Street crossing; 3 May 1943.

SHUFORD Fred Homer—natural causes, died on train from Jacksonville, Florida to Ashe, North Carolina; 31 January 1940.

SMITH C.W.—died 13 August 1950, jury cannot investigate, believes case is beyond their power; 15 August 1950.

STEWART Jamie Lee (colored)—baby of Leonard & Ena Lee Stewart, smothered in bed between parents; 28 February 1952.

TUMBERLIN Geo. (colored)—burned to death; 19 May 1952.

TURK Edward R.—died while sleeping in Post office at Doctortown about 1 a.m., natural causes; 22 February 1944.

TYRE Earl—gunshot wound by David S. Price, justified homicide self defense, full transcript of case; 14 October 1939.

VICKERS Julius C.—hit and run on Oglethorpe Hwy. 3 miles north of Jesup; 2 October 1938.

WESTBERRY Owen—right foot severed by train; 17 April 1943.

WHITTEMORE Clarence—hit and run; 24 July 1948.

YOUNG Johnnie—killed with an axe at Doctortwon by Mose Badger on 1 January 1946; he was killed with Lillian Burris who was killed by Prentiss Lively at the same time and place; 31 January 1946.


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