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Glynn County

1837 The Brunswick Advocate

1838 The Brunswick Advocate

1838 The Pulaski

1877 Shipping Intelligence
Advertiser & Appeal

Liberty Ships

Pilot Commission Minutes Book
1864 to 1884

Schooner Glynn

Ships For Victory
J.A. Jones Construction Co. & Liberty Ships in Brunswick


This page is dedicated to nautical history of Glynn and the surrounding counties [i.e. McIntosh, Camden, etc.].

Most of the information contained here will be shipping intelligence that was posted in the newspapers, i.e. names of vessels, arrivals, departures, passenger lists, etc.

Some information has been submitted by researchers from their personal family and history files.

Many of our ancestors came straight to Georgia from other countries, others may have worked or piloted a vessel in Glynn County.  Here you will find listings of vessels and the times that they were located in Brunswick.

If you have anything nautical that you would like to contribute, feel free to email me.


Definitions of Sailing Vessels:

ship—A vessel of at least three square-rigged masts; averaging 500 tons; 130 feet in length; 30 feet in the beam.

bark or barque— A three-masted vessel with the fore and main masts square-rigged and the rearmost fore and aft rigged; slightly smaller than a ship.

brig—A vessel with two masts, fore and main, with square-rigged sails; averaging 250 tons; 190 feet in length; 25 feet in the beam.

schooner—A vessel with two or more masts, fore and main, with square-rigged sails; averaging 100 tons; 68 feet long; 23 feet in the beam; the largest ever built had seven masts.

sloop—A small, single-masted vessel, fore and aft rigged, with a main sail and a jib; from schooner size downward.

packet—A boat, of any kind, that travels a regular route along a coast or river, carrying passengers, freight, and mail.


McIntosh County

1736 Prince of Whales Passenger List

Darien Gazette Marine News (1818-1828)

Darien, Georgia (1823-25)
Atlantic Port Arrivals

FERRELL, George Edward 1898



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