Conyers Plays Silent, Yet Pivotal Role in Camden County's History

By Dr. John H. Christian

When Jacob Weed extended an invitation to a select group of men to meet him on Cumberland Island on Nov. 20, 1787, for the purpose of establishing a town by signing the Articles of Agreement, he invited mostly residents of Camden County.

But one man who was not a resident of Camden County who attended and signed his name was Stephen ConyersConyers seemingly never lived here; therefore, he never got into many records of the county.

Of course, his signature is on the Articles of Agreement that now hangs in the city hall in St. Marys.  These articles are recorded in Deed Book "A" of Camden County.  This book shows that he made transactions of sales of his lots in St. Marys.

He must have made a business trip to Camden County in 1793, for on February 22 of that year, it is recorded that he sold Lot #9 in the town of St. Marys to Antoine Saurez and David Fernandez of Camden County.

Then just four days later, on Feb. 26, it is recorded that he sold lots 70 and 72 in St. Marys to John Jameson of Camden County.

In the records, it is stated that Stephen Conyers was a native of Charleston, S.C.

The one other mark he left in Camden County is his name on one of the streets in St. Marys.  This street is located just three blocks from the waterfront in the historic district of downtown St. Marys.

Even though county records do not remember Conyers very much, the people of St. Marys will always remember his visit here when they tour the sites of historic interest in the heart of the city.

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