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Finding ghost stories from this area is not easy.  Most of these stories come straight out of the book "Camden's Challenge" - 1976, 1994.  If you know of any other Camden or Charlton ghost stories, please leave me e-mail!

I have learned of 3 different ghosts that reportedly haunt Orange Hall in St. Marys.  One is of a young girl, said to be the daughter of Horace Pratt who was the builder of the house as well as the first Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, which rests across the street.  Not too long after the family moved out of the house she became ill and died.  She is said to play with a doll in her room at night.  She leaves the doll moved and the bed rumpled for people to find in the morning.  Little Jane was not living in Orange Hall, or even in Camden County, at the time of her death.  Her mother is buried behind the Presbyterian Church along with her grandparents.  Another ghost is of an older gentleman, though I'm not sure who he's supposed to be.  A woman dressed in purple is supposed to be seen in photos taken during the day of the front of the building.  Supposedly, there is at least one fireplace that cannot be photographed.

The ghost of a decapitated pirate is said to have wondered around the old Ross Inn looking for its head.  When the area was excavated, the remains of a headless skeleton were found.  Haven't heard if he's still looking for his head or not...

At the Bachlott-Porter House (1911), that is currently under renovation, someone told me that they heard the story of the spirit of a troubled youngster.  In life, this child had to be locked in its room due to severe behavior problems.  The child died after an illness but it is said that sometimes you can hear the restless spirit in its room on the third floor.

On Cumberland Island, the ghosts of a group of people haunt the area where they died when their wagon overturned.

CAMDEN'S CHALLENGE mentions a few other restless spirits…

Peter Readdick's ghosts is said to show itself as a light seen northwest of Oak Hill Church.

The old Goodbread house at Midriver, which was still standing until recently, harbors (harbored?) the ghost of Dr. Eaton.  He was murdered on the front porch.

A night of rest is not to be found at the DelaRoche house on Black Point.  The sound of chains being dragged down the stairs could be heard every midnight.

Chains could be heard coming down the stairs at the old Ab Harrell house in the Sandhills.  In addition, a baby could be heard crying in the empty upstairs rooms.

A white horse can be seen under certain conditions near Colesburg.  It is supposed to be the ghost of the one owned by the late Preston King.

Legend goes that at Crum Hammock a jealous husband killed his wife's lover and buried him on the edge of the property.  A grave with a lightwood marker has been seen at the spot but no one knows who was buried there.  People have been frightened in the hammock by a light that approaches them, passes them, and can be seen behind them.

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