Mills House of Charlton County

On November 14, 1998, the Guale Society went on a "ramble" to the old House in the far southeastern corner of Charlton County. This area used to located in Camden County prior to 1854.

Mills Family Home Mills Family Home: Milk CanMy husband, James, took this shot. I have no idea how old this can is, but it made for a great picture! Mills Family HomeThe porch on the 2nd story is slightly slanted to allow rainwater to run off the wood - which may otherwise rot.
Mills Family HomeFrom this angle, you can see the back. You can see that the bottom floor extends back a through additions put on over the years.   Mills Family Home

Inside the Mills Family Home

The old home is in a sad state of repair. It's being used a field offices for the Varn Timber Company - which owns the land. Maybe someday they will allow the home to be sold to someone who'd be willing to renovate it.

Fireplace Inside Mills HouseNearly every wall in the home was painted a different - but equally bad - color. Stairs Inside Mills HouseThe stairs were extremely steep. The upper floor was also in terrible shape. Rotting vegetables (potatoes, maybe?) had been left on the floor. They were still there on my return trip near 2 years later!
Hallway Inside Mills HouseThis hallway is on the right side when facing the front of the house. It connects an addition that was built in the back of the house. Judging by the wood siding and doors, it looks like it used to be an open porch. Door Inside Mills HouseSmall details, such as the numerous fireplaces and the detail on this door, serve to remind us that this was once a comfortable and pleasant home and not just an old building for the curious to stomp through.




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