Cemetery Office Records Oak Grove; Glynn Co., Georgia

Cemetery Office Records
Oak Grove

Oak Grove Cemetery has no real cemetery records, i.e. sexton book, burial book, etc.  All that was available was a typed listing of folks who owned the plot, the plot number, who was buried within and when they were buried, and who buried them.

No one at the Cemetery Office seems to know who compiled this list, nor where they got the information to make this listing.  From walking the actual cemetery, there are numerous mistakes, and now I see how the compilers of previous Oak Grove Cemetery books, made so many errors.

This listing, however, also has someone handwriting corrections and additions to the list, and no one remembers who made those corrections either.  So, I have typed everything on the list as it was when I copied it in 2005.

The listings go as follows:

NAME of person buried in plot

CHANGED TO this is the handwriting where someone entered a new name like for Mrs. they put in her first name.  Also, I used this column to put notes, like for Confederate Soldiers.  If you see the word "added" in this column, you will know that the person was handwritten onto the list, they were not part of the original typed list.

BURIAL date the person was interred in the cemetery, this is NOT a death date in most cases.

CHANGED TO this column is for dates that were written in.  Sometimes the typed document had no burial date, so one was written in later.  I have no idea of this is a burial date, or the actual death date, I have not referenced them but I think it may be a death date.  Sometimes there was a typed date, but someone thought it was in error, so wrote in another date.



CHANGED TO same as with the BURIAL CHANGED TO, sometimes no age was listed and one was written in later.

BURIAL PERMIT this is the funeral home that handled the interment.

OWNER the owner of the plot.

LOT this is the number and the section A or B.


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