Oak Grove Cemetery - Brunswick, Glynn Co., Georgia

Oak Grove Cemetery Transcription
compiled by Amy Hedrick


The index that I have built is from walking the cemetery and photographing each and every tombstone and any marked grave combined with burial records from St. Mark's Episcopal Church, the transcription done by the Works Project Administration in 1937, the works previously compiled by Herbert Joiner and Howard R. Symons, Jr., records compiled by Ruth N. Vicent & Sara (Rogers) Cassidy, and other public records.

The original cemetery records do not exist; if they ever did.  The records that are found at our local cemetery office were those typed by Herbert Joyner.  How he was able to create a listing with the names of the plot owners and the funeral homes that buried those interred, is beyond me since there are no actual cemetery records, including plot deeds, to be found that would list plot owners and a couple of the funeral homes long went out of business and did not leave any records behind.

There are numerous unmarked graves in this cemetery.  From burial records, I have been able to attach names to only a handful of these unmarked gravesites.  On this index, if you see an abbreviation in brackets after a person's name for example:  "SMITH John  [SMC]", that means that there was an unmarked grave, and that this person is buried in Oak Grove per the St. Mark's Church Burial Record and it's possible they are the unmarked grave found in said plot.  These burial records do not state the plot numbers or family plot names, just that the person was buried in the cemetery, so speculation was used by me to determine in what plot they were interred.


I am only human, and I make mistakes, if you see any mistakes or have questions, please feel free to send an email my way.  Below are links to an alphabetical listing of those interred in this cemetery, along with tombstone photos, and obituaries that were located for each interment.


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