1850 Glynn County Census


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1850 Glynn Co., Georgia Census 9 August 1850, E.C.P. Dart      Page 3   [stamped 2]
Dwelling-house numbered in the order of visitation Families numbered in order of visitation NAMES of those living in household as of 01 June 1850 Age Sex Color Occupation of males over 15 Value of Real Estate Place of Birth Married within the year Attended school within the year Persons over 20 illiterate Deaf, dumb, blind, insane, idiot, pauper, or convict
18 18 LAMB Elizabeth 56 F       Unknown     1 Insane
    BECKHAM Simeon 54 M   Stage driver   Georgia     1  
    SAMSON Loyd 31 M   Carpenter 900 Massachusetts        
    LAMB Anne E. 15 F       Georgia   1    
    LAMB Hester L. 13 F       Georgia   1    
19 19 PALMER Martin 50 M   Farmer   Georgia        
    PALMER Elizabeth 38 F       Georgia        
    PALMER Davis 16 M   Student   Georgia   1    
    PALMER Susan 13 F       Georgia   1    
    PALMER Sarah 10 F       Georgia   1    
    PALMER Harriet 7 F       Georgia        
    PALMER Mary 4 F       Georgia        
    PALMER Amanda 1 F       Georgia        
20 20 LASSERRE John B. 39 M   Ship Carpenter 150 France        
    LASSERRE Margaret A. 28 F       Florida        
    LASSERRE Mary 11 F       Florida   1    
    LASSERRE Henrietta 8 F       Florida        
    LASSERRE Joseph L. 6 M       Georgia        
    LASSERRE Isadore 4 F       Georgia        
    LASSERRE Selina 2 F       Georgia        
21 21 ROBERTS Bridget 52 F       Ireland        
    ROBERTS Rebecca 22 F       New york        
    FROST Margaret G. 9 F       Georgia   1    
22 22 MABRY Woodford 37 M   Farmer 500 Georgia        
    MABRY Laura M. 25 F       Georgia        
    MABRY Charlotte V. 5 F       Georgia        
    MABRY Woodford 3 M       Georgia        
    MABRY Laura M. 1 F       Georgia        
    MABRY Norman J. 4m M       Georgia        
23 23 HARRIS B.L. 56 F     325 Maryland        
    HARRIS Horatio H.H. 21 M   Lawyer or Sawyer   Georgia        
    READ Hiram 7 M       Georgia   1    
    CLUBB James A. 23 M   Carpenter   Georgia 1      
    CLUBB Matilda 17 F       Georgia 1      
24 24 LAMB John P. 24 M   Farmer   Georgia        
    LAMB Martha W. 22 F       Georgia        
25 25 ROBINSON Horace B. 33 M   Carpenter 500 Maine        
    ROBINSON Eliza R. 28 F       Georgia        
    ROBINSON Mary A. 8 F       Georgia   1    
    ROBINSON John B. 5 M       Georgia        
    ROBINSON Eliza C. 3 F       Georgia        
    ROBINSON Daniel G.? 1 M       Georgia        


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