1850 Glynn County Census


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1850 Glynn Co., Georgia Census 3 September 1850, E.C.P. Dart      Page 9  [stamped 5]
Dwelling-house numbered in the order of visitation Families numbered in order of visitation NAMES of those living in household as of 01 June 1850 Age Sex Color Occupation of males over 15 Value of Real Estate Place of Birth Married within the year Attended school within the year Persons over 20 illiterate Deaf, dumb, blind, insane, idiot, pauper, or convict
68 68 PRITCHARD Robt. S. 47 M   Farmer 300 Georgia        
    PRITCHARD Sophia 28 F       Georgia        
    PRITCHARD Sarah J. 4 F       Georgia        
    PRITCHARD Alxr. F. 2 M       Georgia        
    MARSDEN Julia 15 F       Georgia        
69 69 PONSELL Francis 33 M   Farmer 700 Georgia        
    PONSELL Elizabeth 36 F       North Carolina     1  
    PONSELL Micheal R. 6 M       Georgia        
    PONSELL Samuel 5 M       Georgia        
    PONSELL Thomas 2 M       Georgia        
    PONSELL William 8m M       Georgia        
    LILES Mary J. 12 F       Georgia        
    MANGHAM William 33 M   Farmer   Georgia        
70 70 CATING Joseph 51 M   Laborer   Ireland     1  
71 71 MULLALY William 35 M   Bricklayer   Ireland        
    MULLALY Sarah 21 F       Georgia     1  
    MULLALY John J. 5 M       Georgia        
    MULLALY William 1 M       Georgia        
    CAMPBELL Abrial 60 F       South Carolina     1  
72 72 MANLY William 36 M   Carpenter 600 Georgia        
    MANLY Mary 36 F       South Carolina        
    MANLY Mary A. 12 F       Georgia   1    
    MANLY Elizabeth 10 F       Georgia   1    
    MANLY John 8 F       Georgia   1    
    MANLY William 7 M       Georgia   1    
    MANLY Frances 5 F       Georgia        
    MANLY Robert 2 M       Georgia        
    MANLY Henry 2m M       Georgia        
    MANLY Peter 38 M   Carpenter   Georgia        
73 73 FORRESTER Baillie 48 M   Farmer 1200 Georgia        
    FORRESTER Sarah E. 25 F       Georgia        
    FORRESTER Alxr. B. 3 M       Georgia        
    FORRESTER Martha E. 10m F       Georgia        
74 74 HAZZARD Thos. F. 54 M   Farmer 4000 South Carolina        
    HAZZARD Sarah S. 26 F       Georgia        
    HAZZARD William E. 9 M       Georgia        
    HAZZARD Elixa A.R. 6 F       Georgia        
    HAZZARD Catharine E. 3 F       Georgia        
    HAZZARD Sarah W. 1m F       Georgia        
    PREISTER John Q.A. 29 M   Farmer 2000 South Carolina        
75 75 CAPPS Hezekiah 35 M   Farmer 200 South Carolina     1  
    CAPPS Elizabeth 31 F       Georgia        


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