Families, St. Mark's Church Records, Glynn Co., Georgia

St. Mark's Church Records

The following listings are in groups by last name, and the group is then alphabetized by the head of the family. The date signifies the date of entry in the book. Maiden names are in parenthesis and if different from the head of the family, it is in bold. Last names that differ from the head of family are in bold. The number beside the symbol # is the family number as recorded in the book. Obviously they were not listed alphabetically, and it is assumed that there is some relationship between these families by the way they were entered into the book. Family number 85 is missing due to mis-numbering, therefore going from 84 to 86.

**Remember that the numbers in parenthesis are the page numbers from the actual church book**


*The numbers in brackets denote the record type, volume and page number from the original church book. Example [com.V1/12] Some entries have [loose papers] instead of a page number. These entries were taken from a series of loose papers found in the book. For whatever reason, some of the people have been listed more than once within the book and within the loose papers. I have included all entries.

conf=confirmation      com=communicant      bur=burial

     mar=marriage            fam=families                bap=baptism


AMES, Mr. Florris Haskell 13 December 1882 [fam.V2/28]               #74
Mrs. Rosa Jane; B.C.C.
Joseph; age 15 years; B
Maggie [unreadable word]; age 13 years; Walter; age 11 years; B
Nelly; age 9 years; B
William Florris Waye; B
Maggie Wood; B

ARNOLD, Mr. William Eliot 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/25]          #59
Mrs. Helen May (Foreman/Farmer?); B
William Eliot; B

AVERY, Cap. 1890; [fam.V2/35]          #116
Mrs.; B
Grace; B
Bertie; B
Melrose; B
Alvin Browning [no information]

BAKER, Mrs. Adeline (Taylor) 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/25]      #58
Joseph Benjamin Louis; B.C.
Jerdine? Bertha Lilias?; B.C.C.
Silas Leonard; B
Cleon Eglamour; B
Miss Ida Burnett; B.C.C. [69 is in entered next to her name]

BANKS, Albert Clark April 1883 [fam.V2/28]        #78
Mrs. E.J. (Derby); B.C.C.
Albert Clarke; age 5 months; B
De Witt Clinton; B

BAUMGARTNER, Charles Rudolph [fam.V2/32]       #97
Amelia (Van Houten); B.C.
Carl Jackson; B
Lotta Amelia; B
Hugh Edwin; B
Hattie Irene; B

BECK, Mr. William C.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/19]        #30
Mrs. Bessie; B.C.C.
Bessey Ernestine; age 3 years; B

BEE, Mr. William Jos. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/18]       #23
Mrs. Laura; B.C.C.
George B. Mabry; B.C.C.
Mrs. Jane (Crovatt) Mabry; B.C.C.
Theodora Cecil Mabry; B
Woodford Mabry; B

BENNETT, Mr. 8 May 1880 [fam.V2/26]       #63
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Gordon; B
George Dewitt [no information]
Katey McDonald; B

BLAIN, Dr. J.S. 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/14]       #2
Mrs. Annie E. (Scranton); B.C.C.
Arthur Clay age 10 years; B
Eugene Dixon age 7 years; B.C.C.
Mary Ella; age 4 years; B
Mrs. Alex Scranton; B.C.C.
Miss Edith Blain age 2 years; B
Mrs. Maggie (Moore) Blain; B.C.C.
Annie Louisa Blain; B

BLAIN, Mr. James T. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/14]             #1
Mrs. Mary E.; B.C.C.
Miss Maria C.; B.C.C.

BLAIN, Mr. William 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/14]         #3
Mrs. Catherine A. (Scranton) B.C.C.
William Russell age 7 years; B.C.C.
James Scranton age 5 years; B

BOSTWICK, Mr. Jno.[?] R.; B [fam.V2/19]       #29
Mrs. Helen C. (Minard); B.C.C.
Charles; age 18 years; B.C.C.
Mary Minard; age 15 years; B.C.C.
John Orleans; age 11 years; B
Helen Maude; age 7 years; B

BRANTLEY, Mr. [no information] [fam.V2/34]        #105
Mrs. [no information]

BROWNING, Mrs. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/24]        #53
Joseph Day; age 6 years; B

BURROUGHS, Dr. J.B.; B [fam.V2/35]         #117
Mrs. J.B.; B.C.C.
Mamie; B
Lilie; B.C.C.
No name; B

CAMMAN, Mrs. Amelia 8 May 1880; B [fam.V2/27]       #67
Frederic William; B
Henry Augustus; B

CARGYLE, Dr. B.M. 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/18]        #21
Mrs. Sarah (Piles); B.C.C.
Maude Harriett (Cargyle) Elliot; age 16 years; B.C.C.
A??? Pauline [no surname]; age 12 years; B.C.C.
Clifford Theresa [no surname]; age 5 years; B
Joseph Monroe [no surname]; age 3 years; B
Ethel Le Roy Elliot; B
Cargyle Edres[?] Elliot; B
Monroe Benjamin Elliot; B
Chester Laine[?] Elliot; B

CLARK, Mrs. C.A. [Anne, no surname] 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/16]       #15
Mary Petigrew; age 17 years; B.C.C.
George Petigrew; age 14 years; B
[no longer a family]

CLARKE, Mr. G.F. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/16]        #11
Mrs. Harriet (Palmer); B.C.C.
Dora Elizabeth; age 15 years; B.C.C.
George Thomas; age 10 years; B
Mary Ann; age 6 years; B
Harriet Amelia; age 4 years; B
Fanny Lee; age 1 year; B
Harold Alexander; B
William [no information or surname]

CLARKE, Mr. L.N. 17 May 1877 [fam.V2/23]         #49
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Frank; B
Winifred; B
Bertha; B.C.
Mabel [no information]

COLES, J.S., Jr. 1 May 1887; B.C.C. [fam.V2/30]         #85
Mrs. Helen J.; B.C.C.
Selina S.; B.C.C.
Annie C.; B
Cadwallader; B

COLESBERRY, Mrs. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/20]       #34
Mrs. C.H.; B.C.C.
Lula; age 16 years; B.C.C.
Marion (Mrs. A.V. Wood); age 14 years; B.C.C.
Nelly May; age 11 years; B.C.C.
Dolly; age 8 years; B.C.C.
William; age 6 years; B [twin of Florence]
Florence; age 6 years; B [twin of William]
Miss Colesberry; B.C.C.

CONEY, E.F.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/31]         #90
Mrs. (Mattie Dillon); B.C.C.
Hugh Burford; B
Edgar Fairchild; B
Miss Kate Dillon

CONOLEY, Mr. J.J. April 1883; B.C.C. [fam.V2/29]        #79
Mrs. (Wood)
Ethel; B
Kenzie; B
Mary Wilbur; B

CONOLLY, Mr. Jeremiah 8 May 1880; B [fam.V2/27]        #68
Mrs. Mary Rebecca (Hall); B
Ernest LaFayette; B

COUPER, Mrs. James H. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/16]       #13
Mr. Alexander; B.C.C.
Miss Rebecca; B.C.C.
Mr. Chas. Wylly [name bracketed with Rebecca]
Mr. Chas. Wylly
Miss Heriot Wylly; B.C.C.

COUPER, Mrs. James. M. 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/16]        #14
Mrs. Dora [no surname]; B.C.C.
Mary Harper; age 13 years; B.C.C.
James Hamilton; age 11 years; B
James Maxwell; age 2 years; B

CROVATT, Mr. William 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/21]      #36
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Alfred; age 21 years; B
Mrs. Alfred (M. Lee Schlatter); B.C.C.
William Cecil; B
Alfred Hayne; B
Mary Lee; B

DANA, Dr. Alfred [no information] [fam.V2/34]       #106
Mrs. [no information]

DART, Mr. J.E. 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/17]       #19
Mrs. J.E.; B
Mrs. Kate [Robinson); B.C.C.
Herman; age 10 years; B
Eugene; age 8 years; B.C.C.
Crilla; age 5 years; B
Herman Reginald; B
Miss Agnes Robinson; B.C.C.

DAY, Mr. Charles 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/24]       #51
Mr. Henry C.; B.C.C.
Mary Louisa; age 4 years; B
Mrs. Henry C.; B
Lois [no information]
Henry [no information]

DENT, Mr. George C. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/25]       #57
Mrs. (Troup); B.C.C.
James Troup; B
Brailsford Troup; B
George Reginald; B.C.C.
Sydney Johnson; B

DEXTER, Mr. S.W. 17 May 1877 [fam.V2/20]       #35
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Carrie; age 5 years; B.C.C.
Howard; age 3 years; B.C.C.
Agnes; age 1 � years; B
Arthur; age 6 months
Helen [no information]
Mary [no information]
Ruth [no information]

DOERFLINGER, Mr. Francis Jos. 8 May 1880; B [fam.V2/26]       #66
Mrs. Francis Jos.; B
Amelia; B
Georgianna; B
Francis Joseph; B
Edward August [no information]
Louise; B

DOWNING, Mr. C., Jr. 8 May 1880; B.C. [fam.V2/26]       #64
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Ethel; B
Madelein; B

DRURY, Mr. Le Baron 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/22]       #45
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Anna; B.C.C.
James; B.C.C.

DUPRE, Joseph N. 4 May 1886; B [fam.V2/30]       #83
Rebecca (Deignan?); B.C.
Michael; age 14 years
Marian; age 11 years
Frank; age 8 years

DURE, Capt. 17 May 1877 [fam.V2/20]      #33
Mrs. Julia; B.C.C.
Nela; age 16 years; B.C.
George P.; age 14 years; B
Anna E.; age 12 years; B
Emma; age 6 years; B
Lillie; age 4 years; B
Leon Sebring; age 2 years; B

ELLIOT, Chester Lane April 1890; B.C.C. [fam.V2/35]       #115
Maude Harriett (Cargyle); B.C.C.
Ethel Le Roy; B
Cargyle Edna; B
Monroe Benjamin; B
Chester Laine; B
Maude Rosa; B

EVERETT; Robert H.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/32]       #94
Mrs. Emma L.C.; B.C.C.
Robert Boyle; B
Francis Atherton; B
Richard Anderson; B
Harry Ward; B
Mary Anne; B
John Plumbe; B
Miss Mary E. Skiles; B.C.C.

FARMER, Robert 8 May 1880; B [fam.V2/26]        #61
Mrs.; B
Robert Mortimer; B
Roland Lee; B
Algia Lorena; B
Durward Belmon [no information]
Dolly; B

FERRELL, Mr. Henry Isaac 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/15]       #9
Mrs. Amelia Eliza (Palmer) (Ferrell) Bell; B.C.C.
Martha Elizabeth Easter Ferrell age 4 � years; B
Haddie McCullough age 3 years; B
Martin Palmer; B
Mrs. Martin Palmer; B.C.C.
Henry Moulton Bell; B
Thomas Thorne Bell; B
James Blain Bell; B

FITZGERALD, John; B 14 May 1888 [fam.V2/33]                           #104
Mrs. Margaret Rebecca Fitzgerald; B
Solomon Fitzgerald; age 7 years; B
Mary Fitzgerald; age 2 � years; B
Edward Fitzgerald; B

FLANDERS, Mr. 17 May 1877 [fam.V2/22]        #42
Mrs. Laura (Winton); B.C.C.
Burr Winton; age 2 years; B
Mr. Burr Winton [no information]
Mrs. Burr Winton [no information]

FLANDERS, Charles E.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/29]        #81
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Miss Mamie; B.C.C.
Willy; B
Claud; B
Edner; B
Eugene; B
Clara; B

FORBES, Mrs. 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/22]       #44
Edward; age 5 years; B
Ida; age 4 years; B
Robert; age 2 years; B
John; B

FULLER, Thomas; B [fam.V2/31]      #93
Mrs. (Priolean or Prioleau); B.C.C.
Thomas; B
Ford; B

GLOVER, Mr. Wm. Thos. 8 May 1880; B.C. [fam.V2/27]      #73
Mrs. Elvira; B.C.
Emily Sophia Richardson; B
Henry Miles; B
Frank Hargreaves; B
Charles [no information]

GOULD, Mr. Horace B. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/24]       #54
Mrs. Horace B.; B.C.C.
Horace A.; B.C.C.
James D.; B.C.
Anna; B
May F.; B.C.C.
Helen; age 16 years; B.C.C.
Angelina; age 14 years; B.C.C.
Joseph Edw�d; B
Mrs. Jessie (Gould) Campbell; B.C.C.
Agnes Campbell; age 8 years; B
[residence St. Simons Island]

GRAFFSTEADT, Mr. 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/23]       #47
Mrs. Louisa L.; B
Marguerite Catherine; age 4 years; B

GREEN, Mr. John 8 May 1880; B.C.C. [fam.V2/26]      #65
Mrs. John; B.C.C.
Dolly Madeline; B
John Wilkinson; B
James Lucas; B

HABERSHAM, Mr. John B. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/17]        #17
Mrs. Fanny (Hazlehurst); B.C.C.
Mrs. Caroline (Hazlehurst) Wright; B.C.C.

HACKETT, Mr.; B [fam.V2/34]       #108
Mrs. (Evans); B.C.C.
Arthur; B
Thomas Grey; B

HALL, Mr. John 17 May 1877 [fam.V2/22]       #43
Mrs. Virginia (Heins); B.C.C.
Charles; age 7 years; B
Alfred; age 4 years; B
Annie Fredonia; age 9 months; B

HARRIS, Mr. Frank; April 1890; B.C.C. [fam.V2/35]       #118
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Louisa Estelle; B.C.C.
Maude Irvin; B.C.C.
Meta Irene; B
Daisey May; B

HARRIS, William Henry [see 102] [fam.V2/32]       #95
Frances (Holmes); B.C.C.
Mary Frances; B
Laura Bessie; B
[#102 is exactly the same, but the word �child� is entered under Laura Bessie, and Frances� name is written as �Fanny�]

HAZLEHURST, Dr. Robt.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/33]      #101
Leighton [bracketed with the following]
Mrs. (Jessie Gilmer); B.C.C.
Leighton Wilson; B
Eugene du Bignon; B

HERZOG, Mrs. (Heins) 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/21]      #37
Eddie; age 9 years; B
Frank; age 5 years; B
Mrs. Heins; B.C.
Miss Julia Heins; B.C.C.

HILL, Dr. R.B. 8 May1880; B.C.C. [fam.V2/27]      #71
Mrs. Hill; B.C.C.
Mr. John; B.C.C.
Richard; B.C.C.
Miss Daisy; B.C.C.
Carl; B.C.C.
Fayette Henry; B.C.C.
Miss Lily; B.C.C.

HINE, Mr. H.L. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/23]      #50
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Annie; B.C.C.

HOLLAND, Mr. Marshall B.; B [fam.V2/19]      #28
Mrs. Minnie; B.C.C.
Charles; age 16 years; B
Henry; age 14 years; B
Minnie Liza[?]; age 9 years; B
Marshall Robert; age 2 � years; B

HOLZENDORF; Reginald [fam.V2/30]        #88
Mrs. Katie (Dilworth); B.C.C.
Marion Lucy; B
John Dilworth; B
Marylin; B.C.C.

HOODENPYLE, Mr. [fam.V2/30]        #87
Mrs. (Julia Heins); B.C.C.
Alice Maude; B
Eugene; B
Charles Louis; B

HUTSON, Mrs. Mary 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/25]       #60
Ethel; B
William; B
Henry; B
Frances Marion; B
Miss Lockett; B.C.C.

JENNINGS, Hal wick [no information] [fam.V2/34]       #107
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Mr. Calvin; B.C.C.
Nelly Ellinora Calvin; B
Leola Calvin [no information]
Louisellis Calvin; age 1 year might be entered next to her name; B

JONES, Mrs. Sarah (Evans/widow) 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/15]      #10
Elizabeth Parmeta age 17 years; B.C.C.
William Edward age 13 years; B
Mary Bacon age 9 years; B.C.C.
Johngeline (Evans) Easterling age 9 years; B
Henry Edward Easterling; B
Sarah Rebecca Easterling; B

KING, Mrs. Mallory 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/24]       #55
May; B.C.C.
Beaufort; B.C.C.
Florence; B.C.C.
Thomas Butler; B
Capt. Mallory; B.C.C.
[residence St. Simons Island]

KRAUSS, Geo. [no information] [fam.V2/34]      #109
Mrs. Geo; B.C.C.
Richard Irvin; B
Daniel; B.C.C.
Katey [no information]

LAMB, John 14 May 1888 [fam.V2/33]       #103
Mrs. John (Julia Burnett); B.C.C.
Erma; B
Ida; B
John Fitzgerald; B
Mrs. Margaret Rebecca Fitzgerald; B
Solomon Fitzgerald; age 7 years; B
Mary Fitzgerald; age 2 � years; B
Edward Fitzgerald; B

LEBEN, Mr. F.E. 17 May 1877 [fam.V2/20]        #32
Mrs. Bohena (Heins); B.C.
Edward; age 9 years; B
Irene; age 8 years; B
Frederick William; age 4 years; B
Bohena Lena; age 2 years; B
John Earnest; age 4 months
Mary Heins; B.C.C.

LEVY, Mr. [Louis Julian] 8 May 1880 [fam.V2/26]      #62
Mrs. (Bean); B.C.C.
Clarence; B.C.C.
Arthur Haywood; B
Katey Bell; B
Louis Julian; B

LITTLEFIELD, Mr. S.C. 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/17]      #20
Mrs. Emma C.; B.C.C.
Priscilla B.; age 15 � years; B.C.C.
Robert D.; age 14 years; B.C.C.
Lillian; age 13 years; B.C.C.
Sylvanus Clarke; age 11 years; B.C.C.
Emma; age 8 years; B

LUCAS, Henry A. May 1889; B.C.C. [fam.V2/35]      #114
Lula C. (Baynon?); B.C.C.
W. Clifford; age 7 years; B
Claude; age 5 years; B
Harold; age 23 months; B

LUCAS, Rev. Henry E. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/24]       #52
Mrs. Mary A.; B.C.C.
Emma [Mrs. Wm. Kay]; B.C.C.
Rebecca Mary; B.C.C.

LUDWIG, Constantine; B [fam.V2/32]      #96
Alice; B
Paul; B
Carl; B
Helen Alice; B
Hugh Rudolph; B

MATTHEWS, Joseph [fam.V2/32]       #98
Mrs. Mary; B
Joseph; B
Jane Athens; B
Nicholas; B
Ralph Edward; B

McCULLOUGH, Mr. Jno H. 17 May 1877 [fam.V2/21]       #38
Mrs. Hannah M.; B.C.C.
Henrietta R.; age 2 years; B.C.C.
Malcolm Nightingale; B.C.C.
Mary Arthur; B
Haddie Parker; B

McKINNON, Mrs. Katey; B.C.C. [fam.V2/34]       #111
Rheta; B
Malcolm; B

MILLER, Mrs. John B. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/17]       #18
Mary Maude; age 12 years; B.C.C.
[no longer a family]

MOORE, Mr. John C. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/17]       #16
Mrs. Amanda; B.C.C.
John; age 22 years; B
William; age 19 years; B
Maggie [married Mr. Blain]; age 17 years; B.C.C.
Ida; age 12 years; B
Mr. George Americus Ralston
Mrs. Susan (Moore) Ralston; B.C.
George Americus Ralston; B
Susy Lachlan Ralston; B
[all Ralstons transferred to No. 72]

MORGAN, Mr.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/34]      #110
James; B
John; B

MORRIS, P.S.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/33]       #99
Mrs. (Lily Littlefield); B.C.C.
Pendleton Stewart; B
James; B

MOYER, Mr. Chs.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/30]      #86
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Albert; B.C.C.
Elise; B

NIGHTINGALE, Mr. John R. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/15]      #6
Mrs. Minnie H.; B.C.C.
Brailsford Troup age 3 years; B.C.C.
Phineas Miller age 1 � years; B
Frances Grant; B

NIGHTINGALE, Mrs. P.M. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/14]      #4
Miss Louisa; B.C.C.
Miss Ellen King; B.C.C.
Miss Bessie; B.C.C.

NIGHTINGALE, Mr. William 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/15]      #7
Mrs. Ellen (Hazlehurst); B.C.C.
Fanny age 5 years; B.C.C.
Louisa Green age 2 years; B
William age 7 months; B
Mary King; B
Nathaniel Green; B
Elisabeth; B
Caroline Hazlehurst; B
Douglas; B

ORME, Mrs. [Annie] Rich�d 17 May 1877; B.C.C [fam.V2/20]      #31
Lucy; B.C.
Edward; age 6 years; B

OWEN, Mr. David G.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/19]      #26
Mrs. Kate (Wood); B.C.C.
Nettie Graves; age 4 years; B
John Francis; B
Mary Amis[?]; B
Sanger Wood; B

PEERSON, Elias C.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/31]       #91
Mrs. Julia V. (Burns); B.C.C.
Elias Burns; B
Henry Chapin; B
Everett Marion; B
James Blain [no information]
Ethel Bert [no information]

PETERS, Mr. 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/21]      #40
Alexander; age 18 years; B.C.
Daniel; age 10 years; B
Richard; age 9 years; B
Wadwell; age 6 years; B
Catherine; age 1 year; B

RALSTON, Mr. George Americus 8 May 1880 [fam.V2/27]      #72
Mrs. Susan (Moore); B.C.
George Americus; B
Lucy Lachlan; B
Carrie Genevieve; B
John Moore; B
Maggie Lucile; B
Richard William; B
Infant [no information]
Lula; B

ROBARTS, Mr. James L. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/18]      #24
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Ella (Mrs. J.A. Smith); age 21 years; B.C.C.
Willie; age 14 years; B
Cyrus; age 12 years; B
Leon; age 9 years; B

ROBINSON, Mr. H.B.; B [fam.V2/19]       #27
Mrs. Mary; B.C.C.
Ellen; age 17 years; B.C.C.
Henry B., Jr.; B.C.C.
Lee Anderson; age 7 years; B
Alice Eugene; age 4 years; B
Katey Loveland Powell; age 17 years; B.C.C.

SCHLATTER, Col. 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/16]       #12
Mrs. Mary Lee (Schlatter) Crovatt; B.C.C.
Mr. John Du Bignon; B
Mrs. Fanny (Schlatter) Du Bignon; B.C.C.
Marie Josephine Du Bignon; B

STEPHENS, Mrs. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/25]        #56
Annie; B.C.C.
Sarah (Mrs. A.J. Allen); B.C.C.
Henrietta; B
Mrs. C. Taylor; B.C.
Mrs. Belle (Stephens) Taylor; B.C.C.
Annie Belle Taylor; B
Charles William Taylor; B
[residence St. Simons Island]

STUART, Fred [no information] [fam.V2/35]       #113
Mrs. (Agnes Gerald?); B.C.C.
Child; B
Child: B
William Frederic; B

SYMONS, Mr. Henry 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/22]       #41
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Henry Francis; age 9 years; B
James S. Morel?; age 7 years; B.C.C.
Zoe Leila; age 5 years; B.C.C.
Fanny Margaret; age 3 years; B.C.C.
Felicite Mercant?; age 4 months; B
Jane Phillippa; B

TAYLOR, Mrs. 8 May 1880; B.C. [fam.V2/27]       #69
Heda; B
Mattie; B
Miss Ida Burnett; B.C.C.

THOMAS, Mr. Jordan; B.C.C. [fam.V2/31]       #92
Mrs. [Jacqueline Prince); B.C.C.
Florence; B
Mary Sumner; B
William George; B
Sarah Prince; B
Miss Basiline Prince; B.C.C.

TROUP, Mrs. Mary Ray (Nightingale) 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/14]      #5
Camilla Brailsford age 10 years; B.C.C.
Robert age 8 years; B.C.C.
Mary King age 5 years; B.C.C.

WATERHOUSE, J.W.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/29]      #82
Mrs.; B.C.C.
Netty [no information]
Annie [no information]

WAYNE, Mr.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/29]      #82
Forman; B.C.C.
Robert; B.C.C.
George; B.C.C.
Clifford; B
Elise; B
Georgia; B

WEBBER, Mr. 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/23]      #46
Mrs.; B.C.C.
James; B
Albert; B

WELLS, Mr. H.B. 17 May 1877 [fam.V2/23]       #48
Mrs. Mary Belle; B.C.C.
Henry; age 7 years; B

WELLS, Mr. R.S. [fam.V2/30]        #89
Mrs. Mary Spencer; B.C.C.
Mary Ethel; B.C.C.
Catherine; B

WHITEFIELD, Boland May 1888 [fam.V2/33]      #100
Lilian; age 14 years
Essie; age 10 years
Eugene; age 9 years
La Vergerne; age 6 years

WILDER, Mr. George O. 8 May 1880 [fam.V2/27]       #70
Mrs. Mary J.; B.C.C.
Freddy/Austin Frederick; B.C.C. [I believe this is two different people]

WILDER, Mrs. Laura (Meader) 29 January 1883; B.C.C. [fam.V2/28]       #75
Julia Meader; age 5 years; B
William Willis; age 2 years; B

WILLIAMS, Major Crawford 17 May 1877; B [fam.V2/21]       #39
Menzo?; age 17 years; B.C.C.
Paul; age 15 years; B
Emma; age 10 years; B
Nelly; age 13 years: B

WINTON, Mr. Samuel 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/18]      #22
Mrs. Mary (Cross); B.C.C.
Mary Bradley; age 5 years; B
Luella; age 3 years; B
Alba Levede; B

WOOD, Alfred V. 23 April 1883; B.C.C. [fam.V2/29]       #80
Mrs. Marion (Colesberry); B.C.C.
Irene Wood; age 4 months; B
Thomas Colesberry; B
Ralph Michael; B
Marion; B
Alfred Vincent; B

WOOD, Mr. John April 1883; B [fam.V2/28]      #77
Mrs. Mary M. (Bostwick); B.C.C.
Wilma Bostwick; age 7 months; B
John R.; B
Miriam Willey; B
Malcolm Rodney; B
Irma Corover?; B
Percy Clayton; B

WOOD, Mr. Robert 29 January 1883; B [fam.V2/28]       #76
Mrs. Robert; B
Agnes; B
Alfred; B
Mary; B
Robert; B
Arthur; B
Mrs. Florence (Wood) Shelley; B.C.C.
Mr. Shelley
[There are numbers, starting at 1, next to the names of Mrs. F. Shelley, Agnes, Alfred, Mary, Robert, and Arthur, it is assumed that these are all children of Mr. Robert Wood]

WOOD, Mrs. Susan T. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/18]      #25
Mrs. W.P. (Mary L. Wood) Burns; B.C.C.
John; B [bracketed with Mr. John; transferred to page 28]
Mr. John; B.C.C.
Katie Jeanette Burns; age 7 � years; B.C.C.
Wm. Henry Burns; age 3 years; B
Annie Blain Burns; age 3 months; B

WOODBRIDGE, Dr. D.G. 17 May 1877; B.C.C. [fam.V2/15]       #8
Miss Helen; B.C.C.
[no longer a family]

WRIGHT, Mr. Jas. S.; B.C.C. [fam.V2/34]       #112
Mrs. Jas. S.; B.C.C.
Arabella; B
William Scotia Tison; B


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