Miscellaneous & Loose Papers St. Mark's Episc. Church; Glynn Co., Georgia

Loose Papers
St. Mark's Church Records

Every volume of these church books have a stack of loose papers tucked away in them. They are usually letters or records that were written by another church, then recorded in the St. Mark's church registers.
The following information may already be listed in this volume, or one of the other two.


Loose Paper #1

St. Simon's Island, Ga.,
Sept. 1916

Copy of records of official acts done by the Reverend George W. Easter, while at St. Mark's Church, Brunswick, Ga., in 1860/1; given by his daughter Mrs. Rosa S. (Easter) Marye, in Ashland, last June.

D. Watson Winn


Rev. Geo. W. Easter, my father, was ordained Deacon by Bishop Elliott June 4th 1861, and placed in charge of the Episcopal Churches in Brunswick and St. Mary's, Georgia, until, driven from them by the threatened advance of the army and navy he went to Savannah Nov. 1861.

Taken from his Autobiography
Rosa B. Marye.

+++ +++ +++

Confirmations in St. Mark's Church, Brunswick

22nd 1860
Martin Palmer
Mrs. Elizabeth Palmer
Harriett Rebecca Palmer
Mary Frances Palmer
Eugenia Moore
Ann Eliza Scranton
Lucinda Williams
Maria Blain
Frederick Hazelhurst

May 23rd
Mary Catherine Gatchell

+++ +++ +++

Communicants of St. Mark's Church, Brunswick, Ga.

Feb. 1860
Mrs. Frances Hazelhurst
Mrs. John Moore
Mrs. Amelia A. Usher
removed Sept. 1860
Mr. Farmer removed Feb. 1860
Mrs. Farmer removed Feb. 1860
Miss Louise Brooks removed Feb. 1860
James T. Blain
Mr. Timothy Downie
Mrs. Chas. L. Schlatter
Added by confirmation May 22nd 1860
Martin Palmer
Mrs. Elizabeth Palmer
Eugenia Moore
Married April 1861 to Mr. Dixon
Ann Eliza Scranton
Lucinda Williams
removed to Athens
Maria Blain
Frederick Hazlehurst
[marked out]
Mary Catherine Gatchell
Harriett Rebecca Palmer
Mary Frances Palmer

Added Dr. Woodbridge Dec. 1860
Thomas George Clarke Mar. 1860


Urbanus Williams, infant son of Geo. and Rosabella Pettigrew.  Buried by Rev. G.W. Easter.


Aug. 18th 1861 Brown, a member of the "Wire-Grass Minute Men", who died in camp at Brunswick, by the same.


Sept. 17th 1861 Rev. Jesse White, Baptist Minister, by the same.


Sept. 18th-'61 Christopher Dixon, a Romanist, shot by W. Williams.


My dear Miss Maria, I secured these records last Summer in Ashlan [sic], Virginia, from Mr. Easter's daughter.  Mr. Easter was my first pastor in Ashland about 1865, I think.



Loose Paper #2

St. James' Church
The Rev. A.W. Farnum
Hendersonville, N.C. Aug. 20, 1924
To the Rector of St. Mark's Church
Brunswick, Ga.

This is to certify that the name of Mary Hill appears with the list of communicants on page 40 of Volume IV of the parish register of St. James Church Hendersonville Diocese of Western North Carolina. The said Mary Hill having removed from the parish at same time prior to September 19th 1917 and being therefore unknown to the present rector, who assumed the rectorship at that date.

This information coupled with your knowledge of the said Mary Hill now Mrs. Brian S. Brain, will enable you to accept her as a communicant in good and regular standing.

Signed Arthur W. Farnum
Rector St. James Parish


Loose Paper #3

St. Mark's Church
St. Mark's Place
Rev. R.E. Boykin, Rector
Brunswick, GA.
Tuesday, May 1st 1917
Meeting No. 3

The Junior Vestry of St. Mark's Church met on the above date, and was called to order by the Rev. R.E. Boykin, opening with a prayer.

The minutes of the previous meetings were read and adopted.

The first question to come up before the Junior Vestry, was the question of adopting a set of Bylaws for this body, and after some little discussion, it was decided to appoint a committee of four to meet with Mr. Boykin and decide on some rules and regulations govering [sic] the meetings. It was decided the By-Laws used by the Senior Vestry sould [sic] be sufficient with a few changes and additions, which would be taken up by the following committee of four, with Mr. Boykin, and decided upon:

Mr. Sydney Fleming
Mr. Mallory Aiken
Mr. E.F. Coney
Mr. Wm. Dunwoody

The roll call was read about here, and the following members were found to be present:

A.V. Wood, Jr.        R.B. Gilliland
W.M. Dunwoody      S.S. Watkins
Sydney Fleming
Mallory Aiken
L.W. Everett
E.F. Coney

The following were absent:
James Gould
E.H. Parker
Calvert Stewart
Charlton Fleming

Another question to come up before the Junior Vestry, was a suggestion made by Mr. Boykin, that the Rectory be painted.  Mr. Boykin gave good reasons why he thought it good to have it painted, and offered to subscribe $25 to help defray expenses.  After a few suggestions as to how the money could be raised, it was finally decided to put the question off until the next meeting.  A plan was mentioned by one of our member, which seemed to meet with more favor than any, and that was to raise the money through entertainments, dances, swimming parties at Lanier's, etc.  The amount to be raised would amount to above $175, more or less, and it was thought this amount could be raised through this source by fall.  Mr. Mallory Aiken was appointed to take up the question of getting up a dance, or some such sort of entertainment for this fund.

Among the Matters that came up, was the selection of a Chairman.  Mr. E.F. Coney was nominated and nomination seconded.


Loose Paper #4

St. Mark's Church
St. Mark's Place
Rev. R.E. Boykin, Rector
Brunswick, GA.

Nomination adopted, and he is hereby elected to that very high office.  We wish him well, and have no doubt he will perform that office efficiently.

Mr. Wm. Dunwoody, was nominated for the position of Vice-Chairman, which was seconded, and he was unanimously elected to this office.  Here is another of our most esteemed members that we wish well, and have no doubt that he will make us a good officer, and handle the duties of Vice Chairman very ably.

Mr. Mallory Aiken was elected to hold the office of Treasurer, and hereafter any money will be turned over to this very pleasing young gentleman with the little black moustache.

One of the most important questions to come up before our body, was the collecting of unpaid pledges.  Mr. Johnny Ralston, Treas., for the Senior Vestry, was present and read a report of the condition of our Parish, which was very discouraging.  Mr. Ralston advised that it was necessary to have these pledges collected at once, and the Junior Vestry agreed to do al they could towards collecting them.  Mr. Ralston advised that the Church lost about 26% of the money pledged every year, on account of not being able to get out himself and personally canvass the pledgers.  A meeting was called here for next Tuesday to meet with Mr. Ralston, who was to bring statements and turn over some to the Vestry to try and collect.

There be nothing more of importance to be brought up, the meeting was ordered adjourned by our Rector, Mr. Boykin, to meet on the next Tuesday, the 8th of May.


Loose Paper #5

January 14, 1916.

My dear Mrs. Wiggins:-

First, please let me thank you for your remembering me at Christmas and I appreciate the thought more than I am able to express in cold type.  And let me here say that we are at last in the new Church.  Got in on the 12th of December, my ninth anniversary according to Sundays, third in Advent.  But our rejoicing was clouded with sorrow as Mr. Coney's funeral took place from the Church that afternoon.  The Church is very attractive, we think, and we now have the lights and furnaces in.  Mrs. Downing gave the lights, they have just been installed today.

I do not know my local news except that everybody is sick with grip.  I am writing you, however, principally at the request of the Vestry to thank you for presenting the Parish with your Father's library, and I can assure you it is greatly appreciated not only by the Rector, Wardens and Vestry but also by the Parish, as they feel somewhat of a link connecting them with your father's rectorship.  We are going to put your father's memorial slab in the first bay of the wall on the right hand side near the Chancel as we have all discussed it and seem to think that is the best place it could be put.  I wanted it in one of the most appropriate places and it fits in there very nicely.

Hoping that both you and Mr. Wiggins are in good health, and with best wishes believe me to be,

Faithfully your friend,


Loose Paper #6

Beaumont, Tex.
P.O. Box 600
605 Pearl St.

Rector Episcopal Church
Corner Egmont & Gloucester Sts.
Brunswick, Ga.

Dear Sir,

I was born in Brunswick, Ga. June 17th 1879 and some six or twelve months later was baptized by the then resident minister of the Episcopal Church at Brunswick.

For important reasons I wish to verify my baptism with the date and names of sponsors and would greatly appreciate it if you will forward to me at P.O. Box 600 by earliest return mail a certified complete statement of my Baptism with date, names of Sponsors, Parents, and etc., and I will gladly pay you for the expense and trouble of so doing.

Awaiting your earliest reply by registered mail I am yours respectfully,

Ernest Johnny Leben.

Loose Paper #7

This was a long sheet of typed names in one long column, some had handwritten notes beside them.

Aiken, Mrs. F.D.
Ballard, Mrs. N.R.
Brown, S.K.
Brown, Mike
Baumgartner, Mrs. A.
Bishop, Mrs. L.N.
Boykin, Mrs. R.E.
Branham, Mrs. H.M.
Briesenick, Mrs. R.E.
Beach, Edward
Burnett, Mrs. J.M.
Burroughs, Leighton
Burkheimer, Mrs. M.
Blain, Miss M.
Butts, Mrs. W.J.
Burbank, G.I.
Colesbery, Lula C. P??? 12-0-16; 1147 Egmont.
Colesbery, F.M.
Coney, Mrs. E.F.
Conoley, Mrs. J.J.
Church, Mrs. A.L.
Peters, Mrs. R.W.
Paulsen, Mrs. T.E.
Ralston, Mrs. G.A.
Ralston, J.M.
Russell, Mrs. L.M.
Robinson, Mrs. Mary
Robinson, Mrs. L.A.
Roche, Mrs. D.P.
Smith, Mrs. R.Y.
Smith, Miss Josephine
Strachan, Mrs. F.D.M.
Symons, Mrs. F.
Simpson, Mrs. J.F.
Sterne, Mrs. A.
Stiles, J.O.
Stewart, Mrs. Ange
Taylor, Mrs. C.A.
Trimbell, Mrs. Carrie
Tharin, Mrs. Dan C.
Tharin, George
White, Mrs. B.A. Jr.
Whitmire, Mrs. J.H.
Wilder, Mrs. J.H.
Wood, Mrs. A.V.
Wood, Ralph M.
Wood, Mrs. T.C.
Wimberly, Mrs. J.J.
Wright, Mrs. J.S.
Wylly, Chas. S.



Contained within this book were loose papers with information written on them.  Some info was written on scraps of paper, or on the backs of envelopes.  The information was not contained within the entries in the book.

FINKE, Gladys Pearl
, Ruby Marie
, Mrs.
, Myrtis
, Mrs. Alice
, Mrs. Laura F.
, Miss Gertrude
, Carl
, Mrs. Phoebe Eliza
, R.C.
, Mrs. Jennie

Rich. A. Everett, Sec. Vestry S. Mark's Church.
My Dear Everett:
Please enter the following record in the Parish Register of St. Mark's Church
and oblige Yours truly
S.J. French

MARRIED in S. Mark's Church at 12 noon on Tuesday February 5th 1918 Capt. Lamar Edmunds, 318th Machine Gun Battalion, U.S.A., and William Guerry Green, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. G. Green 806 Richmond St., Brunswick, Ga. Witnesses: the parents of the parties and Lieut. Robert Marvin Porter 318th Mach. Gun B'n.


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