Glynn Co., Georgia Court Records [Genealogy & History]

County Court Records


Glynn County
     BLUE, Louisa 1876
     FOX, Ida 1882



Glynn County
     GIEHOLM, Wilhelm 1884
     GORDON, Thomas 1882
     O'CONNOR, John 1883
     SULLIVAN, Charles 1882

     TROMBETT, Vincenszo 1884


Civil Minutes

Glynn County
     1890-1893 Book 1 (FamilySearch)
     1893-1896 Book 2 (FamilySearch)
     1895-1899 Book 3 (FamilySearch)
     1899-1902 Book 4 (FamilySearch)
     1902-1906 Book 5 (FamilySearch)
     1906-1910 Book 6 (FamilySearch)
     1910-1914 Book 7 (FamilySearch)
     1914-1918 Book 8 (FamilySearch


Criminal Minutes

Glynn County
     1894-1904 Book 11 Criminal Mins (FamilySearch)
     1904-1916 Book 12 Criminal Mins (Family Search)
     1894-1914 Book 1 Felony Testimony (FamilySearch)
     1914-1920 Book 2 Felony Testimony (FamilySearch



Glynn County
     Turner 1887



Wills--Camden County @GlynnGen
Glynn--Accounts (1870-1895)
Glynn--Admin & Guardian Bonds (1848-1919)
Glynn--Estate Index
Glynn--Loose Papers Abbott-Baker (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Baker-Borchardt (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Borchardt-Burnett (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Burnett-Clubb (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Cluskey-Dart (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Davenport-Downing (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Drayton-Fish (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Fisher-Futch (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Gainor-Green (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Green-Harrison (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Harrison-Hotch (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Houston-Jones (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Jones-Lott (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Loew-McConn (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers McCraney-Moore (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Minchew-Oakman (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Oberlauter-Ponder (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Ponder-Roberts (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Roberts-Shaw (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Shaw-Strong (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Stuart-Tison (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Tison-Turner (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Turner-Weller (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Welles-Wise (1800-1928)
Glynn--Loose Papers Wood-Zetterbrum (1800-1928)

Glynn--Wills & Appraisements Vol. D-E (1810-1853)
Glynn--Wills & Appraisements Vol. F-G (1853-1916)
Glynn--Wills @GlynnGen


Grand Jury Proceedings

Glynn County
     FamilySearch 1875-1883
     FamilySearch 1895-1903



Glynn County
     Marriage Book E Colored
     Marriage Book F Colored
     Will Book G
     Will Book H
     Will Book I


Indentures & Guardianships

Glynn County
     ARMSTRONG, Robert
     CARTER, Elizabeth Short
     CHEESE, Maria
     HERESEE, Lydia

     HOLCOMBE, Harrington
     HOLCOMBE, William
     HURST, Anna

     MILLER, Jane
     PARLAND Orphans

     SPAULDING, Emeline
     WASHINGTON, Nathan
     WASHINGTON, William


Inferior Court

Glynn County (FamilySearch)
     Minutes Book A 1813-1870
     Minutes Book C 1812-1870
     Minutes Book 1 1870-1891
     Minutes Book 3 1886-1898
     Minutes Book 5 1902-1910
     Minutes Book 6 1911-1923




Glynn County Court Record Information

Special Note:  The probate court can no longer allow people in with scanners, nor to look through the old records and Xerox them yourself. You will now have to submit your request in writing, and one of the clerks will have to look up the records for you. The only records you can look through are the books that are already microfilmed and reprinted in reduced size books.

However, the clerks are VERY understaffed, and do not have the time to put into requests. You may find yourself waiting for a long period of time, and being charged a minimum $5 fee just for one copy.

DO NOT send a list of people to be searched for nor a list of records to be copied, especially if you do not know where exactly the record is located.

Glynn County Courthouse
701 H. Street
Brunswick, GA 31520

Be sure to put the office, i.e. Property Records, Superior, etc.

Glynn County Probate Court
701 G Street
Brunswick, GA 31520
(912) 554-7231
Monday-Friday 8AM to 5PM

Many of these records have been microfilmed by the LDS Church [click on the Family History Library Catalog at the top of the screen to search their holdings], and are available through them by visiting your local LDS Family History Center and renting a copy of the film. There is also a roll of film for Marriage Books A, B, & C in the Brunswick Public Library.

The upside, the courthouse will be scanning the ancient records themselves over the next couple of years. These records will also be available online. This is to help prevent further deterioration of the ancient documents from handling and abuse.

The Brunswick Advertiser & Appeal; Saturday 4 June 1881; pg. 3 col. 3

COUNTY RECORDS GONE—In the recent conflagration, the books and records of Glynn county were burned to ashes, except books N and T, which were not in the Clerk’s office at the time of the fire. Many of our people condemn our Clerk for having his office other than in the Court House, etc. If we are rightly informed, the law allows the Clerk to have his office anywhere within one mile of the Court House. The trouble, as we see it, consisted in the inability (real or supposed) of the county to have a safe for the reception of these records. Had we had such an institution and our Clerk been required to keep the books therein, they would have been all right to-day. But they are gone and we must do without them as best we can.
          LATER—From Mr. O’Connor, the Clerk, we learn that of the books burned those from A to H were those lately transcribed from the old ones, and that the originals are still in his possession.

McIntosh County Court Record Information

This page is dedicated to records found in the county courthouse. However, McIntosh County has had very bad luck with courthouse fires, most of the early records are gone.

The courthouse was first burned during the Civil War, when the whole town was set ablaze. Then a second time in the early 1870s. From 1872 up to present, many records can still be found. Some of the early records were re-recorded from known information and documents in personal possession of the townsfolk.


McIntosh County Courthouse
P.O. Box 1661
Darien, GA 31305
Ph: (912) 437-6641
Fax: (912) 437-6673

Be sure to put the office, i.e. Property Records, Superior, etc.


This page is dedicated to the public court records that have been transcribed by myself or others. Many of these records I have actual images of in my collections. If you see your ancestor's name, email me and I might be able to provide you with a scanned image of the document.

To transcribe records from the courthouse would be a time consuming job, as the majority of the early records are in storage and special trips have to be made to retrieve them. I have picked various books and papers that were still located in the courthouse and were of an unusual nature. I am still working on transcribing records, but not at a solid pace, just when I have extra time.

I have divided this page into sections concerning the records involved, not where they are located. Most of these records can be found in probate court, the deeds and property records are found in superior court.

You can write to the courthouse for copies of any of these records at a cost of 25 cents per page and if you want it certified, it will be an additional $5 per record for certification. PLEASE provide the book and page numbers when mailing requests to the court house. The clerks do not have time to go searching for things.

Due to privacy issues, adoption records can not be opened or copied. You will have to petition the court to open the record, even if everyone has already passed away.



Glynn County
MAGWOOD, Susan 1906



Glynn County
     Physician's & Druggist's Licenses
     Record of Prescriptions

McIntosh County
     Physician & Druggist Register

Wayne County
     Coroner Inquests 1937-1973



Glynn County
     Confederate Pension Roll

     Exemption Letters
     ABBOTT, Wiley 1900
     CLUBB, Robert 1900
     SOUTHARD, Laura 1879



Glynn County
     ABBOTT, John A. (attempted murder 1869)
     BURNETT, Joseph 1897 (invalid's pension)
          Afr. Amer.

     Final Proceedings Index Vols. 2-6
     Moore/Findley Custody Dispute


Name Changes

Glynn County
     CLUBB, Elias A. 1883
     COX, Henry Hamilton 1877
     GOODBREAD, D.B. 1882
     GOODBREAD, Horace B. 1882
     GOODBREAD, Oliver P. 1888

Probate Records

Glynn--Final Proceedings Vol. 1 (1902-1908)
Glynn--Final Proceedings Vol. 2 (1908-1912)
Glynn--Final Proceedings Vol. 3 (1912-1918)

Glynn--Inventories & Appraisements (1792-1921)
Glynn--Letters of Admin & Guardianship (1870-1931)
Glynn--Letters of Dismission (1900-1959)
Glynn--Returns & Vouchers Vol. 1-2 (1896-1911)
Glynn--Returns & Vouchers Vol. 3 (1912-1921)

Property Records

Glynn County
     Deed Records
     English Crown Grants
     Indenture Book Land records [Glynn]

Camden County
     Deed Records

McIntosh County
     Deed Records
     Early Land Grants

Superior Court

Glynn County
Superior Court Indexes
     Book 7 Mins 1877-1881 (FamilySearch)
     Book 9 Mins 1885-1888 (FamilySearch)
     Book 10 Mins 1888-1894 (FamilySearch)

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