Georgia Death Index--Brantley, Camden, Glynn, McIntosh, Ware, Wayne Counties

Georgia Death Index

I Surnames

D Month Year D Month Year D Month Year
INGRAIN Mary Florence 22 March 1919 2470-A 36y Glynn 0 OOO 0       SMITH J.M.B. BALL Josephine       Enigma, Georgia
INGRAM G.W.  (Mrs.) 24 December 1930 34914   Ware     1930                  
INGRAM J.F. s/o 18 March 1919 2474-A stillborn Glynn 18 March 1919       INGRAM J.F. SMITH Mary Florence       Enigma, Georgia
INMAN Dock 20 January 1926 274-H 65y Brantley 0 OOO 1860       INMAN Jim INMAN Sarah 22 January 1926 Hoboken, Georgia
INMAN John  13 April 1919 3838-A 86y Glynn 0 OOO 0       don't know don't know       Frederica, Georgia
INMAN Ocie Elizabeth 5 February 1928 05545-J 10 days Ware 26 January 1928       INMAN John LEE Mammie 6 February 1928 New Prospect
INMAN Rachel  (Mrs.) 23 February 1928 05542-J 77y Ware 7 October 1850       LYNN James DEEN Amie 24 February 1928 Manor, Georgia
INMAN Rachel  (Mrs.) 23 February 1928 05546-J 77y 4m 16d Ware 7 October 1850       LYNN James LYNN Amy Deen 24 February 1928 New Prospect
ISAM Tillie M. 6 October 1920 29951-B   Ware     1920                  
ISHAM Hattie 4 November 1926 23321-H 48y Camden 0 OOO 1878       RANDOLPH Scip MILLER Sophy       St. Mary's, Georgia
ISLAND Will 18 August 1930 23041   Wayne     1930                  
ISOMS Tillie M. 6 October 1920 29951-B   Ware     1920                  
IVERY Marie i/o 19 May 1924 16532-F   Ware     1924                  
IVES John L. 2 March 1924 10101-F   Ware     1924                  
IVEY Annie D. 8 August 1942 23078 32y Brantley                        
IVORY Amanda 15 January 1927 1359-I 42y Glynn 0 OOO 0       ATKINSON Adam don't know       Greenwood Cemetery
IVORY Josephine 3 November 1928 29757-J 26y Glynn 0 OOO 0       IVORY Kato HOLMES Lillie 7 November 1928 Greenwood Cemetery



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