Georgia Death Index--Brantley, Camden, Glynn, McIntosh, Ware, Wayne Counties

Georgia Death Index

Q Surnames

D Month Year D Month Year D Month Year
QUARTERMAN Alfred 25 May 1923 14899-E 76y McIntosh 0 OOO 1847       QUARTERMAN Sam don't know 26 May 1923 Darien, Georgia
QUARTERMAN Bobbie 13 January 1924 2105-F stillborn McIntosh 13 January 1924       illegitimate QUARTERMAN Lucile 14 January 1924 Ceylon McIntosh Co., Georgia
QUARTERMAN Diana Jenkins 4 June 1925 17658-G about 72y Glynn 0 OOO 0       don't know don't know       St. Simons Island, Georgia
QUARTERMAN J.N. 2 April 1930 30-09901 55y Glynn 0 OOO 1875 single White QUARTERMAN F.B. QUARTERMAN H.B. SUMERALL Malvine 3 April 1930 Palmetto Cemetery
QUARTERMAN Joe d/o 24 August 1922 20697-D stillborn Glynn 24 August 1922       QUARTERMAN Joe ROBINSON Rebecca       Greenwood Cemetery
QUARTERMAN Lee 11 April 1929 11809-K   Ware     1929                  
QUARTERMAN Lucile 27 November 1921 29005-C 39y McIntosh 15 September 1882 QUARTERMAN Thos. Negro DELEGAL T.W.  JP BAISDON Peter HOLMES Heriot 28 November 1921 McIntosh County
QUARTERMAN Lucy 8 March 1926 7348-H 85y McIntosh 0 OOO 1841       don't know don't know 9 March 1926 City Cemetery
QUARTERMAN Mitchell 29 September 1930 24940 3d McIntosh 26 September 1930       QUARTERMAN Mc. HOLMES Sallie 29 September 1930 Cox, Georgia
QUARTERMAN Samuel B. 25 June 1924 26496-F about 60y Camden 0 OOO 0       QUARTERMAN John don't know       Camden County
QUARTERMAN Samuel B. 25 June 1924 29363-F about 40y Camden 0 OOO 0       QUARTERMAN John don't know       -----
QUARTERMAN Victoria i/o 25 April 1921 9345-C stillborn Glynn 25 April 1921       don't know QUARTERMAN Victoria       Greenwood Cemetery
QUATTLEBAUM Mildred M. 17 July 1958 19382 44y Brantley                        
QUEEN Elijah C. 19 June 1957 15506 79y Brantley                        
QUINN Esssie Dora 24 May 1926 12217-H 36y Glynn 0 OOO 0       MILLIRONS Noah DAVIS Edith       Montezuma, Georgia



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