John J. Burnett, Jr. (Slaves)

John J. Burnett, Jr.

There were many entries of money paid to various people for the hire of their slaves, however, there were no listings of the slaves' names.
The following list of slaves was taken from an appraisement of property owned by John J. Burnett, Jr. at the time of his death:

Inventories & Appraisements Vol. D pg. 361
[Glynn County Probate Court]

Nancy $400 Ramon $250
Jeffrey $700 Caroline $150
Jim $800 Polly $650
Toney $300 Julian $300
Sampson $550 Gindy? $250
Tom $100 Susan $200
Betty $150 Rachael $600
Daphney $650 Wally $350
Paris $400 Dick $900
Cornelius $350 Jerry $900
Ned $300 Jack $75
Newell $300 Caty $100



John J. Burnett, Jr.'s property was divided into lots and numbers were drawn by the distributees. Slaves were included in these lots.

Lot Number 1 went to the widow, Margaret Burnett as guardian for John Burnett, minor son. Paris at $700, Daphney at $300, Melissa at $225, Alonza at $200, Sampson at $250, and Dick at $100.

Lot Number 2 went to S.A. Hooks as guardian for Sarah Clifford Burnett, minor daughter. Jim at $700, Susan at $500, Sam at $250, Emma at $150, and Newell at $500.

Lot Number 3 went to Margaret Burnett, widow. Dick at $700, Gindy at $500, Caroline at $300, and Toney at $75.

Lot Number 4 went to Julian M. Burnett, son. Kate no value, Ned at $625, Juliann at $550, Cato at $325, Mary at $150, and Haley at $250.

Lot Number 5 went to Mary E. Piles, daughter. Raymond at $375, Jim at $450, Cornelia at $600, George at $100, and Polly at $325.

Book E folios 199 & 200 by Alex Scranton; 4 March 1851


Petition of Margaret Burnett and son John J. Burnett for permission to exchange two Negroes, one Caroline aged 18 years for the sole use of the son, and Daphney for the sole use of Margaret Burnett.

Petition dated 2 October 1857


17 March 1851 Received $60 from James Blue for the hire of Jim.

January 1852 Received $110 from S.A. Hooker for the hire of Jim.

Unreadable month 1852 Receive $30.33 from W.A. Berrie for hire of Fanny.

Book E folio 241 by E.C.P. Dart; 9 June 1859





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