Lamb Family Slave Extractions 1847-1859

Lamb Family

Frederick Lamb's estate inventory was dated 8 June 1819, and can be found in the book Inventories & Appraisements Vol. D pg. 40 [Glynn County Probate Court].  Within were listed 6 slaves, to wit:

Pacience  $500 Clowey  $300 Peggy  $225
Jinney  $200 Orcharde  $150 Liddie  $100

When John Lamb died, he did not leave a will. His son John P. Lamb was the executor of his estate, and in an inventory of the goods and chattels taken on 27 March 1849 [Inventories & Appraisements Vol. E pg. 134] was listed one female slave named Annie valued at $250. Annie may have been sold out of the family as she is not listed in the following records of Celia Lamb, who is believed to be the widow of Frederick Lamb and possibly the mother of the above mentioned John Lamb and grandmother to John P. Lamb.

Book K folio 134 by Alex Scranton; 28 March 1849


In the accounting of Celia Lamb's estate, it lists provisions bought every month for the "Negroes".

23 February 1858 Cash was received from John Brooks in the amount of $84 for the hire of Minerva for 14 months from January 1857 to March 1858

31 March 1858 4 3/4 bushels of corn was bought for Dinah and family. This was also recorded for April, May, June, July, August, September, October as well. Medicines and syrup were bought for Dinah and her family in September and pills and other medicines were bought in October for her too.

26 April 1858 Cash received from the estate of J.R. Wood in the amount of $69.60 for the hire of Cornelia for 11 months & 18 days from 8 May 1857 to 26 April 1858. Also on this date were monies received for the hire of:

Martha for 3 months & 4 days from 26 November 1857 to 1 March 1858 at $15.66 from the J.R. Wood estate.
Leander for 3 months & 26 days from 1 January to 26 April 1858 at $19.33 from the J.R. Wood estate.

28 June 1858 Cornelia & Leander for 2 months from 26 April to 26 June 1858 at $24.00 from Thomas Hilleren.

5 July 1858 Negroes for 3 months from 1 March to 1 June 1858 at $39.50 from John Myers.

26 July 1858 Cornelia 1 month to date at $6 from Thomas Hilleren.

5 September 1858 Leander 1 month to date at $6 from R. Cohen.

26 September 1858 Cornelia 1 month to date at $6 from Thomas Hilleren.

3 October 1858 Leander 1 month to date at $6 from R. Cohen.

26 October 1858 Cornelia 1 month to date at $6 from Thomas Hilleren.

3 November 1858 Leander 1 month to date at $6 from R. Cohen.

24 November 1858 Cornelia 1/2 month from 26 October to 11 November at $3 from Thomas Hilleren.

27 December 1858 Cornelia 1/3 month from the 17th to th 27th of December 1858 at $2 from R.H. Powell.

25 June 1858 a listing "To cash paid for Negro clothes/ for Dinah & children, Cornelia, and Minerva.

17 November 1858 Mrs. F. DuBignon was paid $5 for services of negro as per bill for the month of November.

There is also a notation that is hard to read but looks like "services in child bed".

31 November 1858 notes provisions and medicines for Negroes in child bed $3.50.

25 December 1858 boots were bought for Dinah and children, Minerva, and Leander. 37 yards of Negro cloth and 18 yards homespun were also purchased on this date for Cornelia, Minerva, and Leander.

31 December 1858 Cash was paid for corn for Dinah, Cornelia, & their family for the month of December.

31 December 1858 $5 to Mrs. F. Dubignon for services of Negro woman Charlotte to Cornelia in child bed.

21 January 1859 Cash paid for corn & provisions for Dinah and family.

25 February 1859 City tax of $6 on Negroes for the year 1858.

11 April 1859 Cash received from John Myers for Negro hire 1 June to 1 December 1859, 6 months as per agreement at $79.

25 April 1859 Cash received from John Myers for one quarter hire of Negroes from 1 December 1858 to 1 March 1859 as per agreement at $39.50.

20 May 1859 Cash received from John Myers for Negro hire for one year as per agreement at $10.

18 June 1859 Same as above.

30 June 1859 Cash received from Mrs. S.J. Wood for hire of Negro woman Leander from 3 November 1858 to 30 June 1859, 7 months & 27 days less 10 days loss time at $45.40.

30 June 1859 Cash received from John Brooks for hire of Negro woman Minerva from 1 March 1858 to 30 June 1859 less 2 months loss time in child bed at $84.

Book G, by J.S. Gorton, Ordy.; 3 Sept. 1859

From 23 April 1857 to 22 October 1857, Dr. Hazlehurst visited Martha at a cost of $1.50 per visit totaling $24.25. The first visit has (infant) marked there, she may have given birth and did not do well afterwards. According to the lists, Martha would have been around 16 years old at the time of this birth. From reading the will, Martha was the child of Lydia.

Dinah and Minerva were both seen by Dr. Hazlehurst in the year 1856.

In the last will and testament of Celia Lamb she left her grandson, John Myers, the following slaves: Patience and Lydia, plus Lydia's three children: Martha, Primus, and Moses. Also left to him was Anthony (a cripple).

Dinah and her two children, Isaiah and Richard, were left to Celia's granddaughter, Caroline H. Flinn (formerly Caroline H. Lamb daughter of Burral Lamb). The two boys were to be given to Caroline Flinn's two children Mary and George Arnow (Celia Lamb's great grandchildren). The above mentioned slaves could be used to pay a debt.

Nervy (or Minerva) was left to granddaughter Anna Lamb. If Anna Lamb should die, Minerva was to be left to Anna's children: Rebecca and Celia Franklin. Minerva could be used to pay a debt.

Left to granddaughter Hester Arnow, formerly Hester Lamb, was Leander. Leander could be used to pay any debts if necessary. If Hester should died, Leander would be given to Mary and George Arnow.

Jim and Cornelia were left to the four great grandchildren: John Hazzard and William, Rebecca, and Celia Franklin. They were not to be used to pay any debts or liabilities.

The will was signed on 29 April 1854.

The following were listed on an "Inventory and Appraisement of Property" dated 11 December 1857.

Jim boy 14yrs $700
Martha girl 17yrs $750
Cornelia [with child] girl 26yrs $1000
Henry boy [Cornelia's] 18mo  
Minerva girl 22yrs $800
Liana girl 16yrs $800
Jatima woman 70yrs $100
Anthony boy 15yrs $600
Primus boy 13yrs $600
Dinah [with children] woman 26yrs $1700
Isaiah child of Dinah 7yrs  
Dick child of Dinah 5yrs  
Infant child of Dinah no age  

Filed on 20 January 1858

The following list came from another "Inventory & Appraisement" dated 6 February 1858.

Patience woman 65yrs $100
Dinah woman 27yrs $700
Minerva woman 22yrs $800
Cornelia woman 20yrs $800
Martha girl 18yrs $750
Liana girl 16yrs $750
Primus boy 15yrs $600
Anthony boy [crippled] 17yrs $60
Isah boy 7yrs $400
Richard boy 5yrs $300
Joe boy 3yrs $250
Henry boy 1/2yr $150
Lydia* [with children] woman 45yrs $1100
Moses* son of Lydia 8yrs  
Clifton* son of Lydia 3yrs  
Hampton ?? 7mos $125

*At the time of this appraisal, Lydia and her two children were in Atlanta, Georgia with John Myers.

Recorded in Book G, folio 26 & 27; by J.S. Gorton; 6 September 1858





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