Nicolau Enslavement Records, Glynn County, Georgia

Nicolau Family

Inventories & Appraisements Vol. E pg. 23
[Glynn County Probate Court]


Pascal Nicolau
 7 December 1844

In his will, Pascal requested that his woman Silvy / Silvie and a boy Joe be freed for their services to him during his illness. 
The accounting shows a payment to Silvy of $3 for passage to Savannah.

Francis, man, $75 Martha, woman, $300 Mariah, woman, $300 Elizabeth, girl, $200
Baltus, man, $150 Lewis, boy, $150 William, man, $350 John, boy, $200
Makia, man, $300 Nancy, girl, $100 Jenny, girl, $75 Morris, boy, $150
Peter, boy, $350      


Bernard Nicolau
18 July 1847
[Glynn County Probate Court Loose Papers]

Bernard, man, $500 Dorothe, woman, $350 Rosina, girl, $150
James, man, $550 Adelle, woman, $300 Polly, girl, $200
Antony, man, $550 Aboula, woman, $350 Boston, boy, $50
Wally [sp?], man, $550 Bioula, woman, $200 Jack, boy, $250
Sover [sp?], man, $550 Jeane, woman, $350 Joe, boy, $150
Adrien, man, $550 Betty, girl, $250 Nancy, girl, $175
Samana, man, $75 Gibb, boy, $125 Charlotte, girl, $100
Martha, woman, $400 Alexander, boy, $300 Hanna, girl, $250
Louisa, woman, $350 Zabeth, girl, $200 Charlotte, girl, $275





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