Slave Inventory of John Russell 15 August 1815 Glynn Co., Georgia

John Russell
15 August 1815

John Russell's estate was mainly located in the Bahamas, without deed research, it is unknown to me where his property was located in Glynn County.  Within the accounting, dated 1 August 1814, there are many entries for the hiring of certain enslaved persons, and monies owed from their work.  These records spanned from pages 57 to 64 in the book Inventories & Appraisements Vol. D at the Glynn County Probate Court [this is only a partial listing]:

1 August 1815--Cash Recvd. For hire of negroes $54
                          Cash Recvd. of Glasgow that was due  $5
                          Cash Recvd. on account of Carolina  $3.75
April 1815--Cash Recvd. for hire of negroes from 2 August to now[?]   $1252.25
                    Cash Recvd. for 13 mos. wages Leith & Moses @ 12 per  $32
                    Cash Recvd. of Sandy  $12.25
                    Cash Recvd. for work of negroes on board the "Maria Mana[?]"  $30
10 Dec. 1815--Constables fees for putting Jim & Sandy in jail $4
7 March 1816--Cash Recvd. net profits of negro Sandy  $434
6 April 1816--Cash Recvd. net profits of negro Tim  $438.87 1/2
11 May 1816--Cash Recvd. net profits of negro John per Jno. McNish account current  $550
1817--Cash Recvd. amount for hire of Leith & Moses by Mrs. Russell 21 December 1816 at $120
           Cash Recvd. for 7 mos. hire of Leith & Moses received of Carnochan & Mitchell @12 each  $168
10 May 1817--Paid Negro John's passage to Savannah $6
1818--Cash Recvd. for hire of negroes in the Bahamas as per account & letter of J.R. Rigsby 24 June 1818

Cash paid $6 advance to M. Carter by Mrs. Mary Russell on 28 July 1814 for a boat stolen by negroes.


Inventories & Appraisements Vol. D pg. 30
[Glynn County Probate Court]

Godfrey & Judy their child Die $800
Cork, Flora children Davy, Jack, Crispie? Bill, Patience $2000
Big Tom & June boy Frank $800
Tim, Sue and child Joe $850
Kitt & Dolly $800
Tom & Dye $750
Bob & Caty $800
Dick & Nancy $750
Hercules and daughter Betsey $400
Leith & Binka $800
John, Glasgow, Paul, Jim, Jules, Violet $2000
Moses, Sandy $800
Carolina $150
Billy & Jenny, Pinder, Betty  [from another list] $1200


The following are still in the Bahamas:

Galsgow & Phebe, Bill, Harry & Prince
Davie & Sally, Toney, Jack, Mercy, Harriot, Eliza
Louisa, Bella, Harlow & Woodland
York & Nancy, Jim & Frank
Dick & Polly, Sue, Handy & Jessey
Sally & Patrick
Setto & Rose, two old women


Inventories & Appraisements Vol. D pg. 26
[Glynn County Probate Court]

Slave Lots

No. 1 to James Russell  4 hands $3625

No. 4 to Thomas Philson  5 hands $4500

Godfrey Big Tom
Judy Sam
Die Frank
Patrick Billy
Sam Sue
Bob Joe
Catey Nancy
No. 2   4 hands $3750 No. 5  4 3/4 hands  $3700
Glasco Kitt
Flora Dolly
Billy Juliet
Patience Violet
Toney Moses
No. 3  4 3/4 hands  $3600 No. 6  4 3/4 hands  $3800
Cork Tom
Jimmy Die
Janie Hercules
Jack Betsey
Caesar Leith




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