Inventory of People Enslaved by George Troup, Esq 1789; Chatham Co., Georgia

GeorgeTroup, Esq.

The following information came from estate papers found online for Chatham County, Georgia.

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This is a listing of all people enslaved by the Troup family, not just those enslaved by George.


George Troup,  Esq
Chatham Co., GA
Gov.  George Michael  Troup,  Sr.
Laurens & Montgomery Co., GA
James  McGilveray Troup
Glynn & McIntosh Co., GA
Robert Lachlan Troup
Montgomery Co., GA


I will write a better "report" as time permits, but, just like his son, several trees show illegitimate children born of George and enslaved women. Two problems exist with these children, one is that some of them were born AFTER George died in 1789 and none of them are listed in his inventory of estate.

While this lack of record isn't proof of his not fathering children, it does suggest researchers have possibly attached the wrong children to him.

You can see below that George Troup, Esq., the father of the governor, James, and Robert, had only 20 people enslaved by the time he had died. Unlike his sons, the father was a merchant, not a farmer, so he had less need for laborers and it appears that the enslaved were mostly families.

Dublin and Abina were listed together at £100 for both of them together, but, for indexing purposes, I have listed them individually but marked each one with their spouse, for example, Dublin, husband of (h/o) Abina and Abina wife of (w/o) Dublin.

Then there is Miley and her children, Hannah and Peter, who were priced as a trio but, again, I have separated them for indexing purposes.


The ORDER number is the order in which each person was listed on the document, the numbers are not original to the documents
Use the find command on your computer to find a specific name.


D Month Year
00001 Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Brutus M ----- £30 25 October 1789
00002 Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Bazill ----- ----- £30 25 October 1789
00003 Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Jack M ----- £35 25 October 1789
00004a Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Dublin (h/o Abina) M ----- £100 25 October 1789
00004b Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Abina (w/o Dublin) F ----- £100 25 October 1789
00005a Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Bob (h/o Molly) M ----- £80 25 October 1789
00005b Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Molly (w/o Bob) F ----- £80 25 October 1789
00006a Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Peter (h/o Cumba) M ----- £80 25 October 1789
00006b Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Cumba (w/o Peter) F ----- £80 25 October 1789
00007 Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Clarissa F ----- £35 25 October 1789
00008 Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Camilla F ----- £35 25 October 1789
00009 Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Ludmmena ----- ----- £25 25 October 1789
00010 Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Lorain ----- ----- £30 25 October 1789
00011 Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Lucy F ----- £50 25 October 1789
00012 Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Jeanny F ----- £15 25 October 1789
00013a Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Lowie (h/o Betty) M ----- £80 25 October 1789
00013b Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Betty (w/o Lowie) F ----- £80 25 October 1789
00014a Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Miley F ----- £70 25 October 1789
00014b Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Hannah (Miley's) F ----- £70 25 October 1789
00014c Savannah, Chatham, GA 1789 Peter (Miley's) M ----- £70 25 October 1789




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