Faculty 1930 Littoral Glynn Academy Yearbook Glynn Co., Georgia

1930 Littoral


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To Miss Beulah Lott, one who has the true Glynn Academy spirit, whose kindness and willingness to help has won the hearts of all, whose scholarship and life has always been an inspiration, we dedicate, this, the first volume of the Littoral.


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Mr. C.K. Curry, A.B., M.A., Principal

Mr. J.N. Peacock, Jr., A.B. Miss Polly Ruth Bowers, B.S.
Miss Jane Macon, A.B., M.A. Miss Elizabeth Henderson, A.B.
Miss Beulah Lott, A.B., M.A. Miss Evelyn Williams, A.B.
Miss Florine Long, A.B. Miss Elizabeth Peterson, A.B.
Mrs. May Jo Bunkley, A.B., M.A. Miss Generia Honeycutt, B.S.
Miss Mary Williams, A.B. Miss Daisy Franklin, B.M.

Mr. L.G. Derrick


pg. 13

C.B. Greer, President

Members of the Board of Education

R.D. Eadie, Superintendent of Schools

T.W. Livingston J.K. Cornelius
Harry DuB. Parker Livingston Everett
T.W. Simpson Alfred W. Jones
A.S. Kloss J.A. Cason

Mrs. G.V. Cate


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