Features 1930 Littoral Glynn Academy Yearbook Glynn Co., Georgia

1930 Littoral


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Best Looking Girl

     Marie has all of the qualities of a real beauty.  Her friendly manner has also endeared her to the hearts of our class.  She is the perfect southern girl, and the whole class is proud of her.


pg. 80


Best Looking Boy

     Lewis Sims has been in Glynn Academy only one year but in that time he has acquired many friends among the students of the school as well a many in town.
     Lewis is a popular member of the dramatic club having already taken the lead in the first play of the club.  He was considered a big success and because of this, he gained new friends and admirers.
     Besides this Lewis is ranked among the "upper third" of the class in scholarship.  This is an honor in itself which deserves much credit.
     Lewis has shown interest in athletics as well as scholastic enterprises.  He was a member of the football and basketball squads.


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Most Popular Boy
Best All Around Boy

     Tom has been in G.A. only two years but he has certainly distinguished himself in those two years.
     Tom has played basketball for G.A., but he shows his best ability as a business manager.  He has held this post for the Dramatic Club, the Herald, and the Annual, and has done remarkably well in all three positions.
     Tom is famed for his wit so that this, together with his ever-ready Irish smile, has made him the most popular boy in our class.  Yes--Tom is considered an important addition to the original class of '30.


pg. 84




Most Popular Girl
Best All Around Girl

     Betty is our best allround student.  She has brains and beauty and is also a good sport.  From the very beginning of her career in the schools of Brunswick, she has been a leader, and we all look up to her and admire her.  She is also our most popular girl.  For proof of that you have only to look at her date book.


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Most Studious Boy

     Haxall, like Mary, has come all the way up from the first grade with the class of '30 and he, too, has always been known for his good marks in school.
     Well--now he's a senior and the president of the class and he's still getting his good marks.
     Besides this, Haxall is a member of the basketball, track and baseball teams--and he's good in all three.
     Haxall likes to speak and he seems to be gifted in this line too.  Because of his good humour and friendly attitude, this boy is one of the most popular in the class.


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Most Studious Girl

     Mary has been all the way through school with our class and she has always been noted for her scholastic ability--and especially in high school.
     This year Mary is taking the hardest schedule in the class and her marks rank among the best.  Besides this, she has entered two oratorical contests and has gained much popularity through her ability to speak.
     Mary is always a friendly and amiable companion and is very popular among the G.A. students.  Because of her excellent grades which she has maintained throughout this year, she is rightly judged the most studious girl in the class.


pg. 90




Best Girl Athlete

     Annie Hoard, popularly known as "Annie Rooney", joined the class of '30 in its freshman year in High School, and ever since she has been a popular member of the class.
     She has been out for basketball four years and made the team two years.  Because of her ability to play basketball well, she deserves her honor as the best girl athlete.
     Everybody likes Annie because she is always friendly and nice, and besides this--she's one of the smartest girls in the class--ask any senior.


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Best Boy Athlete

     Grandberry is the star athlete of our class.  As the co-captain of the track team, he helped to bring us second place in the district meet.  He is not only a good athlete, but he is a good sport and a prince of a fellow.


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