Clerical Timeline of Rev. Seaborn Greene Childs

Clerical Timeline of Rev. Seaborn Greene Childs


Born about 1817 in Georgia, Seaborn Greene Childs was a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church who preached the good word from Georgia to Florida.  There are many family trees online tracing his family lineage but none so far have provided sources for their trees.  It is stated that he was the son of Isaac Chiles and Martha Fussell and that he married Martha Wiggins daughter of Joseph Wiggins and Martha Stafford.

After his wife's death, Seaborn remarried to Nancy Ellen Watson in Florida where he remained for the rest of his life.

A family researcher is questioning the above information (mainly the parents of Seaborn and Martha) and after reading over records available to me, I too am wondering if this information is correct.

Below you will find a timeline of Rev. Childs career as a minister and a statement from his papers telling us that his fellow friends didn't even know where he was from which makes one wonder how all of these people online created their family trees.  Where did their information come from?

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Timeline Provided by K. Williams

Source:  Arthur J. Moore Methodist Museum [St. Simons Island] and The United Methodist Church General Commission on Archives and History, and they, using the General Minutes of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and Methodist Episcopal Church South have been able to compile a list of Rev. Child’s appointments as follows:




1842       Remains on Trial Appointed to St. Mary’s District, Waresboro’ miss (ion)               

1844       Remains on Trial Appointed to St. Mary’s District, Holmesville circuit




1846       Admitted into Full Connection Appointed to Tallahassee District, Thomasville circuit

1847       Ordained Deacon Appointed to St.  Mary’s District, Irwin

1848       Newnansville District, Columbia

1850       Tallahassee District, Blakeley

1851       Tallahassee District, Spring Creek mission to colored

1853       St.  Mary’s District, Irwin

1854       St.  Mary’s Madison Waresboro’,  (NOTE 2 reports dated 1856)

1856       St.  Mary’s District, St. Mary’s River Mission

1857       Thomasville District, Groversville

1858       Thomasville District, Flint River

1859-61 Madison District, Aucilla Mission

1862       Thomasville District, Moultrie Mission

1863       Quitman District, Nashville

1864       Tallahassee District, Aucilla Colored Mission

1865       Quitman District, Glasgow Circuit and Colored Charge

1866       Brunswick District, Waresboro




1867       Brunswick District, Holmesville

1868       Savannah District, Davisboro Circuit

1869       Savannah District, Washington Circuit and Gibson Mission

1870       Superannuated

1871       Brunswick District Stockton

1872       Supernumerary

1873-1875 Superannuated

1876       Brunswick District, Moultrie Mission

1877       Brunswick District, Worth Mission

1878       Brunswick District, Worth Mission

1879       Brunswick District, Brookfield Mission

1880       Waycross District, Brookfield

1881- 1904 Superannuated



I also have a copy of the memoir for Rev. Childs from the 1905 minutes of the South Georgia Conference of The Methodist Episcopal Church South.  The memoir begins:  "When and where and of whom this good man was born your Committee knows not: and of his rearing, his educational, social and religious advantages or disadvantages, we have no means of knowing aught. The first we know of him he was a member of the Conference."



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