Robert Farmer Military Documents; Which are the True Records?

Robert Farmer; What are the True Records?


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In June of 2008, Mr. James Gray sent me documents that he claimed were sent directly to him from the State of Georgia Archives that confirmed the military service of Robert Farmer in the 27th GA; the Robert Farmer who was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Brunswick, Glynn Co., Georgia and who was married to Algenora Clubb.

Here are the documents sent to me via email by Mr. Gray (you can click on the ones outlined in blue or purple to see a larger image):


Letter from the state archives saying they found the records requested, they DO NOT, however, mention that this is for an Australian soldier.


This document has allegedly been forged.  The original document does not have the handwriting saying "Lewisville (Australian Soldier)"




Here is a thumbnail image of the same document at, remember, you will have to have a subscription to view the original document in full size. But even with this thumbnail image, you can clearly see that no where on this document was it written "Lewisville (Australian Soldier)"|47756382

The remaining documents in the file sent by Mr. Gray


Final document


Remember, all of these documents were sent via email by Mr. Gray to me stating that he received them from the State of Georgia Archives. He used these exact documents to obtain a veterans marker from the Veteran's Administration to be placed on the grave at Oak Grove Cemetery.



Long before Mr. Gray started his research, a few other persons had already done research on Robert L. Farmer of the 27th GA Company B. I have recently received copies of the said documents concerning this Robert L. Farmer from one of the said researchers. Now you might say, "What's to stop them from forging those documents, what if Mr. Gray's are true?" I thought the same thing of course, so I typed in Robert Farmer 27th GA in a search engine and found the above records at And guess what? The original document does NOT have the handwriting shown on document 2 above. Although I do not have a subscription to this website, the image they preview is image #2 shown above in full WITHOUT the handwriting "Lewisville (Australian Soldier)". Someone wrote this on the document above.

According to Mr. Gray AND the Georgia State Archives, an employee DID forge those documents and send them to Mr. Gray. So, what does this mean? It means that Robert Farmer buried here in Brunswick, Georgia was NOT the man who fought in the 27th GA. Mr. Gray is still pushing his history though.

Robert L. Farmer was born 28 October 1845 in Jefferson County, Georgia and he died there on 9 May 1902 according to online family trees. He was reportedly the son of Rhesa Jordan Farmer and Elizabeth Jane Matthews and married first to Willie Arrington on 11 April 1878 then secondly to Savannah Virginia Beal (widow of his brother) on 28 February 1887 in Jefferson County. He spent his whole life in Georgia as did his parents and nothing in family records suggest he had anything to do with Australia. Robert's cousin Rhesa E. Farmer also served in the 27th and died in Jefferson County in 1924; he also had the same birth date as Robert L. Farmer. I don't know if this is a mistake by online researchers or if this is fact because I have not personally researched public records to confirm the dates; however, you can trace this family with ease through the census records.

How can Mr. Gray assume that Robert Farmer from Australia was the man who served in the 27th GA, when there is a Robert L. Farmer living in Jefferson County, Georgia where the man named Robert L. Farmer enlisted in the 27th?



Index Genealogical Documents Essay by James Gray 2006
Email Correspondence The Forged Documents Descendants




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