McIntosh Cavalry or Troop K 5th GA Regt. aka McIntosh Light Dragoons

5th GA Regiment Troop K McIntosh Cavalry
(known before the war as “McIntosh Light Dragoons”)

Contributed by Ann R. Davis


Captain O.C. Hopkins
1st Lieutenant A.C. Wylly
2nd Lieutenant Wm. H. Atwood
3rd Lieutenant A.B. Kell
2nd Lieutenant Allen McDonald
3rd Lieutenant C.H. Hopkins
3rd Lieutenant Geo. W. Faries
Sergeant  T.J. Chapman
4th Sergeant G.R.M. Donald
3rd Sergeant D.Y. Davis
2nd Sergeant C.D. Fennel
1st Sergeant C.R. Walker
(transf. to “G” troop)
1st. Corporal W. McW. Young
2nd Corporal W.H. Day
3rd Corporal Benj. B. Rozier
4th Corporal Chas. C. Carpenter




J.A. Atwood  

W.R. Poppell

W.D. Baggs Samuel Gordon W.W. Poppell
Wm. Baggs Henry Hall John Robinson
Arthur Bailey Elliott Hope Fred Rowe
J.B.L. Baker Joe Hope Rowan Rowe
Cornelius W. Broghten Thos. Hope Isham Rozier
D.J.E. Broughton Isham Johnston Nat. Rozier
Davis Cammon Thos. Langley Ben Ryals
T.J. Chapman ______McRay Isaac Ryals
David Davis John McQuaig Jabez Ryals
Ivey Davis C. Rayford Middleton Thos. Ryan
Obed Davis John R. Middleton Wm. H. Sallett
Wm. Davis Richard B. Middleton James Snowden
J.M. Day Robert Middleton Adam Strain
John S. Desverger Barney Murray Edward Strickland
______ Dial Patrick Murray Ben Townsend
Jordon Dreggirs Wm. B. Nelson James Townsend
J.P. Durant Soloman M. Parker Peter Williamson
Osgood Garrison W.F. Parkhurst W.C. Wylly
(transf. to Troop H)
Hiram Gibbs E.R. Poppell Daniel W. Young
Henry Grace Edward Poppell John T. Young
David Gleason J. Poppell Moses W. Young
Arthur Gordon  

Robt D. Young




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