List of Passengers to Georgia in the Prince of Wales 1736

List of Passengers to Georgia in the Prince of Wales,
from Inverness, Scotland in 1736

 Donated to by Ann R. Davis

James Baillie John Mackintosh of Dornach
John Baillie John Mackintosh of Dorres, farmer
Kenneth Baillie John Mackintosh of Inverness, farmer
John Bain, servant John Mackintosh, Junr, of Kingussie
Kenneth Bain Lachner Mackintosh
Will Bain Robert Mackintosh of Moy
Joseph Burges Roderick Mackintosh
Margaret Burges, his wife Alex’r Maclean
Will Calder, servant Allen Maclean
Alexander Cameron and his wife Angus Maclean
Colin Campbell George Maclean
Alexander Chisholm John Maclean, servt to Allen Maclean
Margaret Chisholm John Maclean, servt to Robert MacPherson
Barbara Grey Clark (wife of Donald) and their children:  Alex, Angus, Barbara, George, Hugh, Will Simon Maclean
Donald Clark Donald Macleod of Tar
Donald Clark George Macleod
Hugh Clark Hugh Macleod
Robert Crookshanks John Macleod, minister to the Scots
George Cuthbert John Macleod, laborer, servt to Mackay of Strothy
John Cuthbert George McDonald
John Cuthbert of Drakies Hugh McDonald
John Denune Adam McIntosh
Capt. George Dunbar Catherine Munro McIntosh
Hugh Forbes Angus McLeod
John Forbes Jo. Murchison
Donald Frazer of Abercour John Mackintosh Mohr of Inverness, his wife, Margaret and their children:  John, Lachlan, Phineas and Will
Donald Frazer of Inverness, servt to Alex’r Mackintosh Alex’r MacMurrivick
Donald Frazer of Kingussie, servt to Jo. Mackintosh Alex’r Macoul
John Glass Norman MacPherson
John Grant Robert Macpherson
Margaret Grant Ja. Macqueen of Inverness
Will Kennedy and his wife Elizabeth James Macqueen his servt.
Archibald Macbean, his wife Catherine, and their son Alexander George Main
Duncan Macbean David Miller
Alexander Mackay James Miller
Angus Mackay Alex’r Monro of Inverness and Margaret his wife, their dau. Isabel
Catherine Mackay Alex’r Monro of Dornoch
Donald Mackay Donald Monro
Donald Bain Mackay Hector Monro
Lt. Hugh Mackay and Helen his wife John Monro
John Mackay Robert Monro
James Mackay Will Monro
James Mackay of Durnes, his wife, Barbara McLeod and their children: Barbara, Donald and Jeanne Will Monro of Durnes, Elizabeth and Margaret, his daughters
John Mackay, his wife Janet and their children:  Elizabeth, John, Mary & Will Hugh Morrison
John Mackay of Lairg, his wife, Jannet Mackintosh and their children:  Donald, Jeanne, Patrick Alex’r Murray
Niel Mackay Hugh Ross
Will Mackay James Ross
William Mackay Donald Shearer
William Mackay of Lairg John Sinclair
Alex’r Mackinnon John Spence
Benjamin Mackintosh of Dorris and his wife Catherine and their children:  Elizabeth, Jannet, Lachlan David Stewart
Donald Mackintosh, servt to John Mackintosh of Inverness Alex’r Sutherland
George Mackintosh of Durnes Robert Sutherland
John Mackintosh Mary Truby
John Mackintosh and his wife Catherine and their children:  Beatrice and Will

Hugh Watson


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