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The data found within the GlynnGen.com website has been mainly provided by Amy Hedrick, the webmaster. Data not submitted by Ms. Hedrick will be otherwise noted with submitter information.

The purpose of this website is to provide free information for genealogy and history researchers with an ad-free experience. This is a non profit website; however, donations and/or cards or gifts of thanks, will be gladly accepted. The GlynnGen.com website is solely funded by the webmaster out of pocket; therefore, any donations towards keeping an online presence are greatly appreciated and not protected under 501c3 organization at this time.

Some folks wish to remain anonymous about their content submissions for many reasons; the main one being they can't help any further. Why they can't help any further is usually due to the fact that they are not related to anyone in the data file or they just don't know anything more because they are not researching their family history but they want others to use their family data.

This website is a constant work in progress, many files are not available as yet, but are being worked on by the webmaster as time permits.

The data on this site is not just Glynn County specific. Submissions can be made for other counties that surround Glynn, i.e. McIntosh, Brantley, Camden, Wayne, and Ware Counties.

Materials that can be submitted:

family files or GEDCOMs
family photos
indices from public records
books and articles [following copyright guidelines]
cemetery or burial records
church records
school records
links to your personal websites
volunteer listings for research
court records
census material
military records

Basically anything involving Glynn County & surrounding counties, their people, and their history!

Submissions will fall under the website's copyright policy, or the submitter's guidelines. Submissions can be deleted upon the submitter's request. Also, respect for the original copyright must be followed.


About Email Queries
from the Webmaster

Post Queries Here Instead of Emailing the Webmaster
If you want more people to help or want to share with more than just 1 person, post here!
You will have to create a user account first.

Many of you send praise and compliments to the GlynnGen.com webmaster, and they are greatly appreciated. However, if you are contacting me for research help, please give more information than just a name.

I am one person, GlynnGen is not a company with a team of researchers; as such, my name can be found on hundreds of webpages and dozens of family trees. Therefore, if you are contacting me because you see your ancestor's name, please, reference the URL (web address, the "http://www." part) where you saw the information and give me dates and places.

DO NOT send an email that says "We are related, you have information on my ancestor John Smith. Tell me everything you know."

I can't tell you anything with so little information.

Please provide birth/death dates, or at least a year.

Please provide places where the person in question lived.

Please tell me what you already know so I don't waste time gathering "old" material.

Please provide the web address where you saw said information.

Click to email

Please make sure to check your spam folder for a response; I normally respond within one day, sometimes one week if your message goes to my spam folder.

Please DO NOT message my personal Facebook profile; either send an email directly to me or post a query on the GlynnGen group linked above.


About Copyright Policies

The material found on this website is under general copyright protection which occurs automatically for authors of original works. Although facts can not be copyrighted, the format in which they are presented can. A lot of time and effort has gone into many of the pages on this site, and due to recent theft, some pages have been protected from being copied.

Protection of these pages prevents users from utilizing the copy & paste feature, printing, saving the file on a hard drive, downloading of pictures, and many other features.

This is not to discourage the use of the data in personal research. If there are copy protected works that you, the researcher, would like copies of, just email the webmaster, and she will provide those copies for you when she can.

Unfortunately, these steps had to be taken, one person ruins it for all. While the purpose of this site is to help researchers for free, it is not here to help others in building their own websites.

User submitted material can and will be protected in this manner unless otherwise instructed. This service has been offered in hopes of obtaining more user submitted materials, by insuring their protection from folks who can not follow the accepted use policy.


About the Webmaster:

My name is Amy Hedrick, and I am the Webmaster for GlynnGen.com; I am the one to contact about information on this site, submitting information, and requesting lookups.

I am originally from Marion, Grant County, Indiana and I moved to Glynn County in 1987 with my parents and brother. In 1993 I graduated from Glynn Academy, and decided, after a horrible schooling, that I no longer wanted to attend school, i.e. college. When enrolling in the 7th grade, I had to take a placement test to be sure I belonged in that grade, I didn't. According to these tests, I belonged in college or at least in the 10th grade (oddly enough, history was my lowest score). My parents, nor the principal of the school, would move me to a higher grade or put me in gifted classes. Why?  Well, according to the principal, I wouldn't know anyone. Keep in mind I just moved here, and I didn't know anyone in the whole town let alone the school.

After graduation, I worked for my parents as a secretary/office manager. When that business closed, I moved into the culinary field, cooking at many of the Jekyll Island hotels and restaurants for nearly 10 years. Finally I ended up at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel as the overnight baker. I am no longer employed there but am still working in the hotel industry.

My start in Glynn County history began with abandoned cemeteries. One day my then boyfriend was riding his dirt bike in the woods, and came across a family cemetery and told me to go see it, that it was odd for it to be where it was; this cemetery was the McDonald Cemetery off of Bladen Road. I started taking photos of these cemeteries and transcribing the stones. I then donated the information to the Glynn County GAGenWeb site hosted by Susan Gay Peterson.

From doing my own family history, and being low on funds, I relied upon volunteer researchers in Indiana to help me with my work. Since I could not pay them back with research, I decided to pay it forward by doing work in Glynn County for others who needed a volunteer helper.

The more I did this, the more intriguing it became, and now, when I meet descendants of some of our high profile pioneers, I feel like I am meeting a movie star, or someone equally as famous. From that first cemetery found in 2001, I was hooked!  I wanted to know who these people were, and how they contributed to my new hometown.

In February of 2003, Susan Gay Peterson, who was the host of the Glynn County website for the GAGenWeb, asked me if I would be interested in taking over the site, I of course said yes! After many trials and errors, I finally got approved to maintain the website at Rootsweb.

The purpose of these groups is mainly for exposure, so that researchers can find state and county websites that deal with genealogy and history. The GenWeb [comprised of the USGenWeb and the World GenWeb] at Rootsweb is purported to be the biggest, but now these sites are largely abandoned and not being updated. The premise of these groups as a whole, was to provide free genealogy and historical records to researchers, and a means to document and record our history for years to come. GlynnGen.com is no longer a member of any organization; it is completely independent.

All of the Glynn County Cemetery information [with the exception of Palmetto Cemetery] has been compiled by me, alone. I have been to every cemetery that has been found, so far. Nearly all of the indices of public records have been compiled by me, alone. The miscellaneous newspaper articles have been culled out of newspapers by me from reading said papers page by page. The reason I mention this is to let you the researcher know that I am freely handing over years of research to the world wide web, for free, I am not making any money off of this.

Many of our local history and records have been compiled by other researchers and some of this data is not viewable to the public for various reasons. My goal with this website is to get as much genealogical data as I can online for free to help researchers of Glynn and surrounding counties. I am not writing a book, nor am I under any grand illusion of becoming rich.

So far I have only met one person who has shared her years of research for public use. Mrs. Ruth N. Vicent, co-author of the Palmetto Cemetery Book, has decades of research compiled in many forms. From personal family files to funeral home records, all works she typed up in searchable form with the help of her sister-in-law, the late Sara R. Cassidy. Ruth has freely given me this information to use in aiding fellow researchers, after all that's why she compiled it, to be used not to be stored away in some library or research repository never to be seen by the public. It is thanks to Ruth and Sara that I have the copious amounts of data on Glynn County and her people.

Slowly, many of our local families are donating personal family histories and photos. Some are even donating records that their ancestors compiled, whether they be journals, personal letters, or ledgers used in the mercantile and trade industries. Hopefully, others will feel secure in donating materials for use on this site in the years to come.

Barring any unforeseen calamities, I hope to be here, helping Glynn County researchers, for many years to come.


About Donations:

Donations are not being solicited, nor is there any obligation for you to donate.

Many folks would love to give just a little money or a gift in order to say thanks for Amy's hard work. She will gladly accept any money or gifts, who wouldn't?  The cost of living rises often, along with internet fees, computer maintenance, etc. Also, there are many books she would love to read, or materials she would like to purchase to help build this website such as microfilm, or subscriptions to other websites to help with her own genealogy research.

Just send an email to Amy Hedrick letting her know that you would like to make a contribution to the maintenance of this website. It costs money to maintain this website, paying for a web presence provider and paying to own the domain name. All of these fees come out of Amy's own pocket so any donations to help defray these costs alone will be heartily appreciated. A check or money order can be sent to her directly, or you can pay through PayPal:

Or, you can mail a check to:

Amy Hedrick
P.O. Box 772
Darien, GA 31305


About Research Fees:

I have limited time to do involved research requests; however, I will search online, something anyone can do themselves. If you still wish me to help, my fee is $40/h or any part of an hour.

Please see my tree before requesting help. If I am not familiar with your family, it will take me some time to verify what you have already done before I can work on your request, this verification is not free, it will be part of the research contract.


Post Queries Here Instead of Emailing the Webmaster
If you want more people to help or want to share with more than just 1 person, post here!
You will have to create a user account first.

Thank you for your time, now, back to your research, and good luck!





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