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The announcement of my first award!!!

Search! is a genealogical and historical website compiled by volunteers. This website is NOT a corporation; there isn't a team of researchers working behind the scenes. This website and its content are managed by only one person so please be patient when waiting for a response. Also, when requesting help, please be specific, give names, dates, and provide URL's if you are quoting information from a web page. Thank you!

Within this site you will find many transcriptions and actual images of historical documents spanning Glynn, Camden, Brantley, Ware, Wayne, and McIntosh Counties just to name a few. This website is completely maintained by Amy Hedrick who also pays out of her own pocket, with the help of donations, to keep this website online for free access.

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For those of you using material from this site to publish your works, please ask permission to use materials found on this site and please give acknowledgement to Amy or in your published works.

Sadly, the majority of this website is now copy-protected due to mass-piracy of my research and transcriptions that are appearing on other websites without permission of and when asking the person who uploaded the material elsewhere to source it, I get very rude, nasty comments back about how I don't know what copyright means and that my websites are largely undocumented and unsourced.

One hard and fast rule, do not upload images and datasets found on this site to other websites, like Find-A-Grave or your own personal websites, you are more than welcome to place a link to the information.

The copyright stamp on photos and documents is not necessarily the original copyright date of the document. These later dates were just a mass stamping due to recent theft of the website. Most of the cemetery photos were taken between 2004 and 2006; therefore, if a 2013 date is on the photo, that is just when the photo was "protected" from theft.

Please learn the difference between a time stamp and an actual copyright date; stating someone uploaded a photo in 2011 does not mean that the photo was created in 2011; it is not a copyright date or proof of copyright.

Record submissions are gladly accepted for use on this site; please remember that this is a public website and anything you place herein will be and can be viewed (and often misunderstood) by anyone. Because of this we ask that you do not share information or request information on living persons unless such information is already in the public domain.

If you have records that you have transcribed and want to share with this site, or you are working on a surname that you are willing to share info on or need help with, feel free to email the webmaster. Please type up your documents the way you want them presented, that way there will be no misunderstandings, and they will be posted as soon as possible.

Various family files (called GEDCOMS) have been created by Amy and placed online at that connect nearly all of Coastal Georgia's families together. Separate trees have been created to differentiate between race and others by subject matter. Glynn Vol. 1 and Glynn Vol. 2 could actually be combined and after years of research, I have finally combined those two trees as well as one started for Sapelo Island Families and the African-American Reddish family. Below are links to that tree at Rootsweb as well as one to persons buried in Historic Oak Grove Cemetery (in Glynn County) who do not connect to any families from this area.

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