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Amason / Jackson Family Bible
Submitted by Vikki Martin

My families are Poppell, Amason, Jackson, Simmons on my mothers side.  All lived in Georgia (sometimes moving to Alabama).  There is a family cemetery in Riceboro in back of the old Jackson homestead.

The bible entries were first written by Joseph Christopher Jackson, then later by Mary (Amason) Jackson.  Unfortunately, the copyright information is not known and can not be found due to the bible being lost within the family; no one seems to know who had it last.

Robert S. son of G.A. & Malinda Amason born 5 May 1857
Mary C. daughter of Joseph & Mary A. Jackson born 20 June 1855
R. Frank s/o R.S. & Mary C. Amason born 20 December 1879
Wm. W. s/o R.S. & Mary C. Amason born 7 August 1882
John H. s/o R.S. & Mary C. Amason born 7 August 1882
Mary A. d/o R.S. & Mary C. Amason born 4 December 1883
J. Sloeman s/o R.S. & Mary C. Amason born 8 October 1885
Eddie V. s/o R.S. & Mary C. Amason born 13 November 1887
Earnest C. s/o R.S. & Mary C. Amason born 13 November 1887
L. Estelle d/o R.S. & Mary C. Amason born 28 May 1892 (or 1891 hard to read)
A. Louise d/o R.S. & Mary C. Amason born 26 September 1893
Ola Eunice d/o R.S. & Mary C. Amason born 15 July 1895
O. Alfred s/o R.S. & Mary C. Amason born 16 July 1895
G.A. Amason born 15 February 1826
R. Frank Amason, Jr. born 15 September 1922
R. Frank Amason, Jr. III born 2 November 1952


Wm. W. s/o R.S. & Mary C. Amason died 24 September 1882
Mary C. wife of R.S. Amason died 11 May 1896
Green A. Amason died 19 April 1910
Robert S. Amason died 25 November 1913
Ernest C. Amason died 27 October 1918 age 31 years
John H. Amason died 4 November 1918 age 36 years
Robert Frank Amason died 28 December 1933 age 54 years & 8 days
L. Estelle Amason Barley died January 1943
O. Eunice Amason died 2 September 1944
J. Sloman Amason died 10 February 1947
Mary Ann Jackson Collier died 16 February 1962
Eddie V. Amason died 9 June 1961
Alice Louise Amos died 6 January 1967
Otis Alfred Amason died 1966


R.S. Amason of Liberty Co., Ga. and Mary C. Jackson of Liberty Co., Ga. on 20 February 1879 at Riceboro, Ga. by the Rev. D.G. Daniels.

Witnesses:  Joseph Jackson and John A. Jackson


J. Christopher Jackson & Mary A. Amason married 18 September 1904
Earnest C. Amason & Dossie Davis married 21 August 1917
J. Sloeman Amason & Bonnie Ruth Robson married 25 September 1917
Wesley B. Barley & Essie Laurie Amason married 3 April 1927
Alice Louis Amason & W.E. Amos married 26 December 1915
Eddie V. Amason & Bonnie Ruth Prescott married 19 February 1927





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