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The following list of books and authors have helped me with providing information to this site,
and/or suggested reading for area history and entertainment.
The term (includes index) means that the pages are number all the way through the index.

Bagwell, Tyler E., (Images of America) Jekyll Island a State Park; Arcadia Publishing 2001; 128 pages (includes bibliography and acknowledgements); images of Jekyll Island people, places, and buildings, after the state of Georgia took possession.

Bagwell, Tyler E. and Jekyll Island Museum, (Images of America) The Jekyll Island Club; Arcadia Publishing 1998; 126 pages; images of Jekyll Island people, places, and events.


Barefoot, Patricia, (Images of America) Brunswick the City by the Sea; Arcadia Publishing 2000; 128 pages (includes bibliography); images of Brunswick’s people, places, and events throughout time.

Barefoot, Patricia, (Images of America) Cumberland Island; Arcadia Publishing 2004; 127 pages (includes bibliography); images of Cumberland Island's people, places, and events throughout time.


Bullard, Mary R., Cumberland Island; A History; The University of Georgia Press 2003; 415 pages (includes an appendix, bibliography, endnotes, and index); Comprehensive history of Cumberland Island and the people who inhabited the island from pre-colonial times up to modern day.

Bullard, Mary R., Robert Stafford of Cumberland Island; Growth of a Planter; Brown Thrasher Books, the University of Georgia Press 1995; 357 pages (includes appendices, bibliography, and index); A biography of Robert Stafford's life on Cumberland Island, and his descendants through his mistress, and slave, Elizabeth Bernardey.


Burroughs, Mac Hazlehurst, The Burroughs Family; self published 1936; 1053 pages; In depth family history of Mac's family with letters, legal documents, photos and more.  Can be found on microfilm at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill under their Southern Historical Collections.


Cate, Margaret Davis, Our Todays and Yesterdays; A Story of Brunswick and the Coastal Islands; Glover Bros. Inc., Brunswick, Georgia 1930; 302 pages (includes index and bibliography); comprehensive history on Glynn County and it’s people. Available for check out at some libraries. Available in reprint editions.


Davis, Ann Richardson, McIntosh Co., Georgia Deed Book A Research Abstracts 1812-1876; Sea Griffin Publishing, Darien, Georgia 2003; 124 pages; abstracts of earliest deeds found in the McIntosh County courthouse with an every name index. 

Davis, Ann Richardson, McIntosh Co., Georgia Marriage Book 1; Sea Griffin Publishing, Darien, Georgia 2003; unnumbered pages; index of early marriages from about 1872 up to 1903 by groom and by bride.


Doster, Stephen, Voices from St. Simons; Personal Narratives of an Island's Past; John F. Blair, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 2008; 259 pages; interviews of local people who are descended from some of the more wealthy planters of the island and descendants of those enslaved on said plantations.


Farrant, Don W., The Lure and Lore of the Golden Isles; The Magical Heritage of Georgia’s Outerbanks; Rutledge Hill Press, Nashville, Tennessee 1993; 192 pages (includes index and bibliography); stories and anecdotes on and about many of Coastal Georgia’s places and personalities.


Ginn, Edwin H., Recollections of Glynn; Neeld Printing 1987, 1998 by the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce; 110 pages plus a 30 page supplement; history and photos of Brunswick, Glynn County, Georgia.


House, Albert Virgil, Planter Management and Capitalism in Ante-Bellum Georgia; The Journal of Hugh Fraser Grant, Ricegrower; Columbia University Press, New York 1954; 329 pages (includes notes and index); Agricultural study on rice growing in the south, reprint of parts of Hugh Fraser Grant’s journal from Elizafield Plantation in Glynn County 1834-1861.  Out of Print.


Huie, Mildred Nix; Murphy, Mary Dean; Wilcox, Mildred Huie Kelvin Grove Plantation 1736-1986, Hallowed Ground of The Military Road, The Battle of Bloody Marsh, The Cater-Armstrong-Postell Plantation, and St. Simons Beaches; Glover Printing Company 1986; 32 pages, history of the family and lands of Kelvin Grove Plantation, written by Mary Dean Murphy with the aide of Mildred Nix Huie and Mildred Huie Wilcox.


Humphries, Robert L., editor The Journal of Archibald C. McKinley; The University of Georgia Press copyright 1991; 259 pages (includes index); Journal written by McKinley from June 1869 to April 1877 with a few later entries.  A.C. McKinley lived on Sapelo Island alternating between there and Milledgeville where his father still lived.  Great insight to happenings in this area after the Civil War.


Jackson, Harvey H., Lachlan McIntosh and the Politics of Revolutionary Georgia; The University of Georgia Press 1979; 209 pages (includes index); A history and narrative of not only Lachlan McIntosh's life and family, but also the story of the colony of Georgia before, during, and after the American Revolutionary War.


Johnson, Michele Nicole, (Images of America) Sapelo Island's Hog Hammock; Arcadia Publishing 2009; 127 pages; pictorial history of Sapelo Island's people and the remaining settlement of Hog Hammock.


King, Anna Matilda (Page), edited by Melanie Pavich-Lindsay, Anna, The Letters of a St. Simons Island Plantation Mistress, 1817-1859; The University of Georgia Press, Athens & London 2002; 453 pages [includes appendices and index]; The personal correspondence of Anna Matilda (Page) King between herself and her family and friends.  This book is comprised of actual letters written, mainly by Anna, from Retreat Plantation on St. Simons Island, to friends and relatives of the King family.  Appendices includes lists of slaves, with birth and death dates, plus their family units.


King, Spencer B. Jr., Darien:  The Death & Rebirth of a Southern Town; Mercer University Press Macon, Georgia 31207 copyright 1981; 112 (includes index); The comprehensive story of the burning of Darien in June of 1863 by Negro regiments under Col. Robert Gould Shaw [4th Massachusetts Volunteers] and Col. James Montgomery [2nd South Carolina Volunteers].


Kimsey, Thora Olsen & Kinard, Sonja Olsen, Illustrated by Michael B. Gardner; Memories from The Marshes of Glynn World War II; Looking Glass Books, 730 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030 copyright 1999 Sonja Olsen Kinard; 282 pages with two appendices; History of Brunswick during World War II put together with interviews from survivors of the war and persons who moved to the area just to find jobs, some staying after the shipyards were closed.


Livingston, Gary, Cradled in Glory; Georgia Military Institute 1851-1866; Caisson Press, 81 Lake Street, Cooperstown, New York 13326 copyright 1997; 218 pages with appendices and bibliography, no index.  History of the Georgia Military Institute compiled from school records and personal family papers.


Lower Altamaha Historical Society [Cemetery Book Committee], compiled by Mattie R. Gladstone, Suzanne D. Forsyth, Mariana D. Hagan, Myrtle Newberry, Tanis Cross, Lloyd y. Flanders, Lillian Schaitberger, & Ellie Legg; Cemeteries of McIntosh County Georgia; Reagin Printing Co., Inc. 2000; 393 pages [including index]; Comprehensive listing of every known burial and cemetery in McIntosh County.  Burials up until 1997.


Mason, F. Van Wyck, Rascals' Heaven; Doubleday & Co., Inc., Garden City, New York copyright 1964; 516 pages (includes addendum on Oglethorpe); [historical fiction] Novel about the settling of the Colony of Georgia by James Edward Oglethorpe and the first English pioneers.


Mayre, Florence, edited by Edwin R. MacKethan III, The Story of the Page King Family of Retreat Plantation, St. Simons Island and of the Golden Isles of Georgia; Edwin R. MacKethan III, 2002; 137 pages [includes notes and index]; A comprehensive history on the King family and Retreat Plantation on St. Simons Island, as told by Florence King Nisbet Mayre, daughter of Thomas Butler and Anna Matilda (Page) King. 


McCash, June Hall, The Jekyll Island Cottage Colony, The University of Georgia Press, Athens, Georgia 1998; 316 pages (includes index); history and photographs of the homes and the people who owned them on Jekyll Island.

McCash, June Hall, Jekyll Island's Early Years From Prehistory Through Reconstruction; The University of Georgia Press 2005; 280 pages (includes notes & index); The story of Jekyll Island from its earliest inhabitants to just after the Civil War.  Includes family history, stories and photos of the people that lived or merely owned Jekyll Island.

McCash, William Barton & June Hall, The Jekyll Island Club, Southern Haven for America’s Millionaires; The University of Georgia Press Athens & London 1989; 251 pages (includes index); History of Jekyll Island and the members of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel.


McFeely, William S., Sapelo's People; A Long Walk Into Freedom; W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. 1994; 198 pages (includes index); personal narrative of Sapelo Island's slave descendants and their history compiled by research and interviews by the author.


Morris, Patricia, (Images of America) St. Simons Island; Arcadia Publishers 2003; 128 pages; images of Brunswick’s people, places, and events throughout time.


Mueller, Pamela Bauer, Neptune's Honor; Piñata Publishing 2005; 189 pages; Historical-fiction, story of real characters from Retreat Plantation, Neptune Small and Henry Lord King were childhood playmates who grew into manhood together on St. Simons Island.  During the War Between the States, Neptune followed Lord King into battle as his body servant, never forgetting his promise to always bring Lordy home.


Myers, Robert Manson (editor), The Children of Pride; A True Story of Georgia and the Civil War; Yale University Press 1972; 1845 pages (includes a "who's who" on the people involved, and separate indices for freed persons and slaves); The story of a southern family before, during, and after the Civil War, told through family letters of Charles Colcock Jones, Jr. and relatives.  There were so many letters saved, that putting them in a chronological order, told a story of this family's life and struggles.


Price, Eugenia, Lighthouse; 1971; 314 pages [depending on edition]; Historical-fiction, story of real characters from St. Simons Island history.  This is the first novel in the St. Simons trilogy, involving the James Gould family.  From his first days of manhood in New England, to his middle age on St. Simons Island, where he was the builder of the first lighthouse.


Savannah Unit Georgia Writer’s Project Work Projects Administration, Drums and Shadows, Survival Studies Among the Georgia Coastal Negroes; The University of Georgia Press Athens & London 1940; 274 pages (includes index and appendices); Study on African heritage and beliefs passed on through the generations of coastal Georgia slaves from Savannah down to St. Mary’s, Georgia.


Smith, Julia Floyd, Slavery and Rice Culture in Low Country Georgia 1750-1860; The University of Tennessee Press/Knoxville 1985; 266 pages (includes index and bibliography); study of slave owners and their treatment of slaves, and the lifestyles between slaves under the task system and the gang system.


Sullivan, Buddy, Memories of McIntosh; The Darien News 1990; 57 pages; A condensed "pocket" version of Early Days on the Georgia Tidewater.  Touches on various historical places and people throughout McIntosh County, Georgia, with photos.

Sullivan, Buddy, Early Days on the Georgia Tidewater; The Story of McIntosh County & Sapelo; McIntosh County Board of Commissioners 5th Edition 1997; 858 pages (including index); complete history of McIntosh County, Georgia and her people extracted from public records and personal family histories.


University of Georgia Press, Athens; Vanishing Georgia; copyright 1982, paperback reissued 2003; no page numbers; a photographic history of Georgia, includes photos from many counties in their early years and the people who made up this great state.


Vanstory, Burnette, Georgia's Land of the Golden Isles; The University of Georgia Press Athens copyright 1956, 1970; 225 pages (includes index); Story of Coastal Georgia starting from Ossabaw and ending with Cumberland Island, taking into account the towns of Darien, Midway, Old Sunbury, Brunswick, and St. Mary's together with the coastal plantations.







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