Atkinson Baptist Church Cemetery Brantley County, Georgia

Atkinson Baptist Church Cemetery

From Hwy. 82 in Atkinson Community, turn south on Hwy. 259, church is about 1500 feet from
the intersection of 82 and 259.  The cemetery is behind the church on the east side of the road.

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Surname Given Name Maiden Name Birth Date Death Date Burial Sex Vet Age Images Notes
CREWS James Michael    19 Sep 1955  3 Feb 2010  7 Feb 2010  M  US Army  54    p. Jesse Andrews Crews, Sr. & Juanita Vinson; b. Charlton Co., Georgia; d. Ware Co., Georgia 
GURLEY Frank Johnny    6 Dec 1936  27 Aug 1990    M    62   p. Dewey Gurley & Nellie Hopper; m. Latrelle Trish Haynes; b. White Co., Georgia; d. Glynn Co., Georgia 
GURLEY Latrelle Trish  Haynes  28 Jan 1950  6 Sep 1992    F    42   p. Frank W. Haynes & Minnie Riggins; m. Frank Gurley; b. Brantley Co., Georgia; d. Glynn Co., Georgia 
GURLEY Nellie  Hopper  27 Jan 1914  30 Nov 1998    F    84   p. Roy Hopper & Carrie Tanner; m. Dewey Gurley; b. Cherokee Co., North Carolina; d. Wayne Co., Georgia 
GURLEY Ralph Roy    8 Jan 1935  27 Aug 2001    M    66   p. Dewey Gurley & Nellie Hopper; m. Betty Purdom; b. White Co., Georgia; d. Wayne Co., Georgia 
JONES Eric Allen    Sep 2000*  16 Jan 2002    M    16mo   p. Mike Dinsbeer & America Jane Jones 
NICHOLS Cheryl Lynn  Amres  26 Feb 1960  25 Jul 2008    F    48   b. Duval Co., Florida; d. Duval Co., Florida 
PARKER Mary Ann    23 Jul 1941  25 Jul 2006    F    65   p. Thurman Parker & Fannie Bentle Hartley; m. single; b. Davidson Co., Tennessee; d. Brantley Co., Georgia 
RHODEN Daisy Ineva  Driskell  24 Mar 1932  7 May 2008    F    76   p. Carl Driskell & Olive Rebecca Nobles; m. Eber Jefferson Rhoden 
RHODEN Eber Jefferson    22 Apr 1919  26 Mar 1988    M  WWII  68   p. Charles Idro Rhoden & Leila L. King; m. Daisy Ineva Driskell; b. Brantley Co., Georgia; d. Charlton Co., Georgia 
STRICKLAND Destinee Megan Barnard    29 Feb 1988  18 May 1992    F    4   p. Craig Strickland & Dawn Barnard; b. Duval Co., Florida; d. Chatham Co., Georgia 
STRICKLAND Emory Jackson    26 May 1932  13 Dec 1998    M    66   p. John Andrew Strickland & Lucinda M. Barber; b. Wayne Co., Georgia; d. Glynn Co., Georgia 
WILSON Nicholas Cage    15 Feb 2005  20 Jul 2007    M    2   b. Horry Co., South Carolina; d. Atkinson Co., Georgia 


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