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Hazlehurst Cemetery
                           Brantley County, Georgia

This cemetery is located in Waynesville, Brantley County, Georgia on Mumford Road [county road 158].  When traveling west on Hwy. 82, go 1.2 miles past Old Post Road and C.R. 158 will be on your right.  About two tenths of a mile on your left is the cemetery directly across from the Mumford House.  There are 10 graves marked with stones in this cemetery.

According to the Brantley County, GA website, in describing his venture into the Mumford estate, area writer, Carr McLemore, wrote in the Jesup Press-Sentinel, November 29, 1980, the following: "...farther along, where the vines grow dense, trees grow tall and moss hangs low, one may search for... the stately Mumford house."  Upon his discovery of the Hazlehurst Cemetery, just across the road from the Mumford house, he writes "one goes through a veritable jungle in search for an old family cemetery...now for the researcher, the question arises:  who really lies here?  Oh, the names are there, but who were John M. Hazlehurst, Jane Johnston Hazlehurst, Mary Jane Hazlehurst and Layton (spelled Leighton) Hazlehurst?"  This question is deemed one of the Mysteries of Brantley County.

In Georgia's Land of the Golden Isles, Burnette Van Story writes that "In 1843 Mary Jane McNish was married (at John Couper's Cannon's Point Plantation on St. Simons Island) to Leighton Wilson Hazlehurst, the son of Robert and Elizabeth Wilson Hazlehurst whose families were among the earliest settlers of Glynn County".  Also that "Ann Johnston McNish spent the war years with Mary Jane (her daughter) and her family at their summer home in Wayne County, where she died in 1869".  Ms. Van Story goes on to recount that the Johnstons were related to the Coupers and when Ann and her sister, Elizabeth, were orphaned at an early age they were taken in and raised at the Couper home.  John Couper's son, James Hamilton Couper also built a summer home (now called "The Lodge") less than a quarter of a mile from the Hazlehurst Cemetery.

Many years ago, according to St. Mark's Episcopal Church records, there was an Episcopal Church standing here, most likely started by the Hazlehurst family, as they were founders of St. Mark's here in Brunswick.  This may explain why the cemetery was started at this location, plus the fact that they may have had a home in the area.


 First Row #1
APR. 21, 1847
JULY 1, 1884

Second Row #2
Dec’r 5, 1787
Dec’r 5, 1877
(footstone J.E.J.)


Second Row #3
Born Oct. 26th
Died Nov. 3d 1853
(footstone J)

Second Row #4
who departed
in her Eighty fourth year
For so he giveth his beloved sleep.

Through her long life she ever
Manifested the loveliest social
virtues, the most eminent
christian graces, and has left
a shining example of pure
and undefiled religion.
Having fought the good fight
and kept the faith she rests
do follow her.
“Her children arise up and call
her blessed” and shall be
in everlasting remembrance.
Second Row #5
wife of
Feb’y 14, 1822.
April 17, 1878
(footstone M.J.H.)


Second Row #6
Aug. 20, 1820
Aug. 2, 1882


Third Row #7
Memory of
Sept. 1st 1867
Aged 53 Years
And 10 months
Third Row #8
11th August 1856
2years 8 days.
R. & .F.H.
(footstone D.T.)
Third Row #9
Wife of
P. Alston Hazlehurst.
Born Nov. 28, 1853.
Died Nov. 10, 1877
“Blessed are the dead who die in the
(footstone E.H.)
Third Row #10
Born Nov. 18, 1846
Died Nov. 13, 1877.
“Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep.”
                                               T.H. Artope,
                                             Macon, Ga.
(footstone P.A.H.)

***Note: There is a pillar that is lying down within the cemetery with no inscription on any side of its sides.
It is unknown by me where exactly in the cemetery the stone stood, nor whose grave it may have marked.

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Surname Given Name Maiden Name Birth Date Death Date Burial Sex Vet Age Images Notes
HAZLEHURST Emily  Tison  28 Nov 1853  10 Nov 1877    F   23    p. John Mason Berrien Tison & Anne Greene Lee Mitchell; m. Pinckney Alston Hazlehurst; b. Glynn Co., Georgia; d. Glynn Co., Georgia 
HAZLEHURST Frances Louisa  Nicolau  01 Nov 1813  01 Sep 1867    F   53    p. Bernard Nicolau & Marie Elizabeth Felicite Grand duTreuille; m. Robert Hazlehurst, Jr.; d. Waynesville, Wayne, Georgia 
HAZLEHURST Jane    26 Oct 1853  03 Nov 1853    F   8 da    p. Leighton Wilson Hazlehurst & Mary Jane McNish 
HAZLEHURST John McNish    21 Apr 1847  01 Jul 1884  2 Jul 1884  M    37     p. Leighton Wilson Hazlehurst & Mary Jane McNish; m. single; cod. cancer; b. Waynesville, Wayne, Georgia; d. Glynn Co., Georgia 
HAZLEHURST Leighton Wilson    20 Aug 1820  02 Aug 1882  3 Aug 1882  M   61     p. Robert Hazlehurst, Jr. & Elizabeth Petingale Wilson; m. Mary Jane McNish; b. Waynesville, Wayne, Georgia; d. Glynn Co., Georgia 
HAZLEHURST Mary Jane  McNish  14 Feb 1822  17 Apr 1878    F   56    p. John McNish & Ann Mary Johnston; m. Leighton Wilson Hazlehurst; d. Waynesville, Wayne, Georgia 
HAZLEHURST Pinkney Alston    18 Nov 1846  13 Nov 1877    M   30    p. Robert Hazlehurst, Jr. & Frances Louisa Nicolau; m. Emily Tison; b. Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia; d. Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia 
HAZLEHURST Stephen Nicolau    03 Aug 1854*  11 Aug 1856    M   24 mo    p. Robert Hazlehurst, Jr. & Frances Louisa Nicolau; b. Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia; d. Glynn Co., Georgia 
JOHNSTON Jane Elizabeth    04 Dec 1787  04 Dec 1877  5 Dec 1877  F   90     p. Thomas Johnston & Mary Wright Dews; m. single; b. Hermitage, Chatham, Georgia; d. Waynesville, Wayne, Georgia 
MCNISH Ann Mary  Johnston  22 Sep 1786  11 Nov 1896    F   110    p. Thomas Johnston & Mary Wright Dews; m. John McNish; b. Hermitage, Chatham, Georgia; d. The Lodge, Wayne, Georgia.  Note:  Burnette Van Story reports that Ann died in 1869 not 1896

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