The Crypt--Hull Cemetery--by Tara Fields
Hull Cemetery (unincorporated county).Hull Cemetery

Hull CemeteryThe following photos were taken at Hull Cemetery.  Unfortunately, the images are poor because they were scanned on my old scanner.

The photos are good enough, however, for you to see what kind of condition the cemetery is.

To the left is the grave of Sarah M. Hull who died when she was 61 years old.

The cemetery is on private property on the north side of Dover Bluff Road across from Ella Park Church Road.

The following information is directly from my burial database.  This table contains all of the people who are *supposed* to be buried in Hull Cemetery.  This information was gathered from records compiled by the late Larry Durbin (who did not cite sources) and from my own visit to the cemetery.  Unfortunately, at that time, I did not keep track of which graves I actually saw myself.

While I wrote down all the information on the headstones I could read, in my database there is no way for me to know which are graves that I saw myself and which are burials complied by Larry Durbin.  I am in the process of revisiting the cemeteries and this time I am marking in my database which ones I have verified with my own eyes.

To the right: 

"Our Father" Joseph Hull.
April 2nd 1795
June 1, 1865"




Hull Cemetery


Unknown Crypt

Hull CemeteryThe children's plot.  There appears to be at least 3 children buried here.  I'm not sure which ones.  I have another, un-scanned, photo that seems to contain another children's plot with what appears to be two more graves (possibly Thomas Ellis Hull who died when he was 9.)

Hull CemeteryThe grave of the elder Thomas Ellis Hull who died when he was 80.




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