The Crypt--Mills Cemetery--by Tara Fields
Mills Cemetery

Click Image to EnterI think it's safe to say that the Mills cemetery is pretty unique to this area. Nowhere else have I seen a cemetery (and I've seen most of them in this area!) that has such large, ornate headstones. While I have seen some pretty amazing stones, nothing really compares to walking into a small, family cemetery and seeing such overwhelming stones. From what I've read the Mills people were a normal family. They were not incredibly wealthy. Their house was comfortable but not a mansion by any means. Needless to say, I was surprised when I drove up to the cemetery.

Little did I know, all those times I drove past the road that leads to this area, that a short distance in the woods was such a monument to a hardworking family!





Mills Cemetery: Grave of Lees
Resting place of James W. (3/28/1853 - 10/14/1890) and Lavinia E. Baker Lee (12/20/1857 - 7/6/1893.) Inscription: "Rest from labor." J.W. was the son of Richard Henry & Mary Elizabeth Murfee Lee. Lavinia was the daughter of James Britton Sr. and Sarah Ann Edwards (Mills Cox) Baker.
Mills Cemetery: Grave of Bakers
Resting place of James Britton (10/18/1826 -10/10/1885) & Sarah Ann Edwards (Mills Cox) Baker (2/25/1832 - 7/1/1883).  Sarah was the daughter of Joseph Jr. & Margaret Elizabeth McClellan Mills. James was the son of Marmaduke Norfleet & Patsy Walters Baker.
Mills Cemetery: Grave of Cannons
Resting place of Virdie (Virginia) E. Baker Cannon (8/12/1866 - 11/6/1887,) wife of H. A. Cannon.  Virdie was the daughter of James Britton Sr. and Sarah Ann E. Mills Baker.
Mills Cemetery: Grave of M.A. Cox

Resting place of Martha A. Cox (3/6/1852 - 11/17/1887). Martha was the daughter of Ansel Cox and Sarah Ann E. Mills Cox (Baker).
Mills Cemetery: Grave of M.B.Mizell
Resting place of Mary Blount Mizell (1782 - 6/22/1847).
Grandmother of William Mizell, Sr.
Wife of Charlton Mizell, Jr. (1773 - 1830).
Mills Cemetery: Grave of Mills
Seaborn Foster Mills (10/26/1842 - 2/7/1929) and Mary Elizabeth Wainwright Mills (4/27/1846 - 9/22/1922). Seaborn was the brother of Sarah Ann Edwards Mills Cox Baker.
Mills Cemetery: Large Stones
As you can see, these tomb stones are quite large!
Mills Cemetery: View from Cemetery
Wm. Mizell's grave was accidentally left out of the fenced in part. His stone was moved inside. While facing the entranceway (west side) of the cemetery, he lies on the right (north) side. This is the view towards the north from where he is.
Mills Cemetery
This photo is facing the entrance (west side) of the cemetery.

These bits of wood are all that remain of the old church that stood a short distance away from the cemetery.

All dates are listed by month, day, and year.
All photos taken on 11/14/98 during the Guale Historical Society's "Ramble" and on May 13, 2000 during a Charlton County Historical Society Ramble.


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