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Baldwin Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the Myers Hill Hunting Club.  You will need to get permission from either the hunting club, or one of the residents to go out there and see it.  I was told that there is a path you can walk down, off of a paved road, to get to the cemetery without being completely on the hunting club property, however you will still be trespassing.

Cemetery was surveyed by Amy Hedrick in the fall of 2002.       


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Surname Given Name Maiden Name Birth Date Death Date Sex Vet Age *Images Notes
BALDWINAlfred    1 Apr 1889 5 Jun 1991 M  102    census records state he was born in 1898 
BALDWINChester    Mar 1887 1944 M      
BALDWINEddie    4 Jul 1895 5 Apr 1959 M  63    
BALDWINIsabelle  Pyles  1866 29 Mar 1942 F      
BALDWINJessie    1892 11 Dec 1958 M      
BALDWINJohn    1905 24 Feb 1949 M      
BALDWINReta    Mar 1889 1908 F      
BALDWINThomas    1859 1924 M       
COHENPearl  Baldwin  Apr 1898 27 Aug 1951 F      
JOYNERClara Linton   1904 8 Nov 1968 F       
PYLESAugustus G   8 Jul 1887 5 Feb 1940 M  52     
PYLESDiana    1853 1918 F      
PYLESEdmond    1829 1899 M      


  • There are two unmarked graves of a brother and sister, children of Tom BALDWIN, somewhere within the cemetery.
  • Edmond & Diana PYLES are husband and wife. One brother of Edmond�s is buried here also; Augustus G. PYLES.
  • Tom & Isabelle BALDWIN are husband and wife. Isabelle is the daughter of Edmond & Diana PYLES.
  • Reta, Chester, John, Jessie, & Eddie BALDWIN & Pearl BALDWIN COHEN are children of Tom & Isabelle BALDWIN.

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