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Burnett Cemetery

Burnett Cemetery has remained a mystery to many locals, only a few still living remember either of the family cemeteries that were supposed to have existed off of Hwy. 341 in Brunswick.

One noted Burnett Cemetery was supposed to have been located in the Sawtell neighborhood next to Yellow Bluff Creek, and it reportedly had a brick vault dating back to the late 1700s.  The other cemetery was located in what is now the Highland Park neighborhood at the end of Burnett Road.  It was completely destroyed by development, the tombstones having been long before lost, stolen, or vandalized before the first home was built.

A resident in the area of, what we will call the Burnett Family Cemetery, remembers seeing only a few stones during the 1950s, and remembers people coming from towns far away to visit the cemetery.  She unfortunately couldn't remember any names on the still standing stones.

In a will for Col. John Burnett found in the Glynn County Probate Court, we learn of the Family Cemetery being instituted by the Colonel, he possibly being the first interment therein.  Other researchers have come to believe that Henry duBignon may have been buried there along with his estranged mistress Sarah Ann (Maccaw) Aust Reddick.

In the 1930s, several people wrote letters to Margaret Davis Cate in regards to their Burnett Family History, one going so far as to ask for the listing of burials in the old cemetery.  This letter was written by Mrs. S.J. Stubbs who was the granddaughter of Dr. Francis E.K. Miller and Sarah Harriet Burnett.  Wonder if Ms. Cate responded, and if so, did she record this response or the cemetery listing in her vast records?

We could assume that several of the Burnetts were buried there, maybe even their spouses of other surnames.  It's a shame that this cemetery was destroyed; many family historians might have found answers to some elusive family stories.



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