Cemetery Island

     For the few years that I have been doing cemetery surveys in Glynn County, this cemetery has remained a mystery, it's location, the real name, the truth in whether such a place exists.
     The first indication of this cemetery was brought to my attention by a list of cemeteries that was compiled by a Glynn County employee.  Unfortunately this gentleman can not be reached, and he only provided vague directions.
     In June of 2004, a gentleman by the name of Wesley Fricks, who is an avid researcher on Ty Cobb and his involvement in the Dover Hall Plantation, brought the name Shadow Island to the front.
     While researching his topic of the history of Dover Hall and the major league baseball moguls' purchase, he found a few newspaper articles, some of which mention a Shadow Island off of Dover Hall Plantation.
     So, where is this Shadow Island, exactly?  And is it still called this?  Who is buried here?
     Firstly, who is buried here?  From newspaper accounts, this is the burial ground of the Dover Hall Plantation slaves.  And in the early 1900s, this cemetery was deemed over 200 years old, and VERY haunted!
     From my research, so far, no reference to a Shadow Island exists, on maps, or in oral histories.  However, two islands off of Dover Hall look promising.
     One being Goat Island.  Another, which has no name, is off the very tip of the Dover Hall lands.  Dover Hall forms a peninsula out into the Turtle River.  It is also in the fork of the Turtle and Buffalo Rivers.
     These islands can be accessed by land or water.  At low tide you can walk from the mainland to these islands.


     Thanks to the efforts of Ms. Harriet Ozell [of the Ozell Investment Group] we have a location for Cemetery Island!!!
     Ms. Ozell's field is in real estate, and in her spare time she loves to read about our local history through deeds and property records.  On one of her free moments she decided to search for Cemetery Island.  A plot map in a deed book clearly marks the island off of the peninsula of the Dover Hall lands, one of the two possible islands to be Cemetery / Shadow Island.

This story is not over yet, more information is in the making!


If you have any information on Shadow Island, please email me!



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