Greenwood Cemetery Burial Book 1965-2018 Glynn Co., Georgia

Greenwood Cemetery Burials

This book can be found at the cemetery office located under the overpass on Community Road.
Some of the writing was hard to read, and of course, there are mistakes in the transcription.
Also, these records only record name, gender, age, funeral home, location, and the burial date, all other information was filled in by me.

If you have questions, I still have the original copy of the book and can go back and look at the entry.

The burials have also been linked to their Find-A-Grave memorials wherever possible; just click on the surname if linked.
I have not finished entering data, I have only made it to Hines right now (11/07/2020) for Find-A-Grave links.

| A-Arm | Arn-Ban | Bar-Bla | Ble-Bro | Bru-Cam | Can-Cla | Cle-Cos | Cot-Dav | Daw-Dub |

 | Duc-Fer | Few-Ful | Fus-Gon | Goo-Gri | Gro-Har | Has-Hil | Hin-Hug | Hul-Joh | Jon-Kel |

| Ken-Lee | Lef-Mac | Mad-McC | McD-Mil | Mim-Mot | Mou-Out | Owe-Pil | Pin-Rat |

| Raw-Rob | Roc-Sha | She-Smi | Sne-Tat | Tay-Tre | Tri-War | Was-Wic | Wig-Wil | Wim-Z |


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