Holy Nativity Episcopal Church Burials Glynn Co., Georgia

Holy Nativity Episcopal Church




The below listed names are of individuals who�s ashes are inurned in the Columbarium in the Garden of Holy Nativity Episcopal Church 615 Mallory Street, St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Transcribed 07/08/2002 by Bobby Muggridge


Beecroft, Jasper Harrison
b d 02/08/2002
Padgett, Virginia Mayson
b 09/22/1908 - d 04/26/1998
Bouson, Robert
b 03/14/1913 - d 07/05/1986
Phillips, Benjamin W. Col.
b 02/17/1920 - d 01/21/1960
Bouson, Edith
b 04/26/1910 - d 05/30/2001
Tresher, George F. Sr.
b 07/14/1898 - d 06/28/1986
Brockmann, Kathleen Weekley
b 08/30/1949 - d 10/14/1986
Tresher, Irene Johnson
b 10/12/1898 - d 05/01/1983
Ford, Lemon Jr.
M. Sgt. U.S. Army World War II
b 01/09/1921 - d 09/04/1999
Weaver, George Arthur
b 1897 - d 1978
Garrison, Bonnie Jeanette
b 08/15/1939 - d 05/15/1996
Weaver, Hattie Belle
b 1901 - d 1978
Meyer, Eric Westbrook
b 1951 - d 1971
Wilson, Jacqueline M.
b 07/14/1934 - d 10/25/1998
Padgett, Hal Irvine
b 09/24/1904 - d 03/14/1989
Withington, John Remshart
b 11/20/1020 - d 09/16/1980





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