Lipthratt Cemetery Glynn Co., Georgia

Lipthratt Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Blythe Island off of Hillery Trace.

There are three people buried in this cemetery.  In talking to a family member and the owners of the property there are supposedly four graves.  One is an infant's grave with no marker.  The graves were moved once and relocated on the property thus losing the location of the fourth grave.

Originally, William Henry Lipthratt owned this property and lived there with his family.  The house burnt down and was rebuilt.  Nothing remains of the original home.  William also farmed on the land.  His first wife, Mary, is buried here along with their daughter Carrie.

William remarried after his wife died.  When he died, his widow sold the land and moved away.  Carrie lived with her brother until finally being put in a home as she was mentally retarded and unable to care for herself.  When Carrie died, she was buried in the family cemetery with her parents.  No one knows who the infant was or if there really was a fourth grave.

Cemetery was surveyed in 2002.

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SurnameGiven NameMaiden NameBirth DateDeath DateBurialSexVetAge*Images
LIPTHRATTCarrie Hortense    24 Mar 1879  30 Jan 1939    F   59   
LIPTHRATTMary Marion Moody  9 May 1852 Jun 1912  F   60   
LIPTHRATTWilliam Henry    17 Sep 1841 23 Nov 1928    M  CSA  88    

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