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To save space, I have combined the Myers Family and the Myers Slave cemetery together.  In actuality, they are in the same location, and the two people buried in Myers Family, have been removed.

Myers Plantation is a little hard to find if you are not familiar with Glynn County.  From the intersection of Hwy. 17 south and Hwy. 82 west, travel four miles west on Hwy. 82 and turn right on Emanuel Church Road.  About 1.6 miles on your left will be Emanuel Church Loop, turn left.  You will go about one half mile, crossing a railroad track with a stop sign.  Be sure to STOP at this because the train goes about 100mph and you won't know it until it hits you!

Turn left onto Timber Landing Road after crossing the track.  You can only go left as the road dead ends to a hunting club gate.  About eight tenths of a mile on your left will be Myers Plantation PE.  It is merely a dirt driveway, one branch goes off to the left and the other off to the right.  You want to go right.  Five tenths of a mile down this drive you will pass through a gateway, keep going straight for one more tenth of a mile then turn right and go another tenth of a mile, passing in front of a white double-wide mobile home.

You will turn left after you pass the mobile home onto a grassy lane and another tenth of a mile you will be in the beginning of the cemetery.  You can either park here, or turn right, keeping the little camper on your left.  The camper was the home of the care taker who recently passed away.

Unfortunately, in the slave section, only one grave is marked with a name, and one with a concrete slab.  In the family section is an old crumbling brick tomb that was the final resting place of George C. Myers and his wife Isabella Dodge.  According to the family, George and wife were moved to another location.

There appear to be many gravesites out here, one must watch where one walks or one may end up falling into a grave!  Due to the lack of markers, it is unknown how many people are buried here, and who they were.  From doing various research, I have come across three death records for African-American people who are said to be buried here.

Cemetery visited in August 2002 and June 2003.


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SurnameGiven NameMaiden NameBirth DateDeath DateBurialSexVetAge*ImagesNotes
BAKERJulia Way  1914  6 Feb 1941    F      
DEMERYTaylor    1897  2 Feb 1953   8 FEB 1953  M       
HENDERSON Cherina    19 Feb 1899  4 Dec 1913   F   14      
LAMARAnnie Liza  Massey  1881  6 Dec 1925   7 DEC 1925  F       
LAMARHerbert    1907  23 Jul 1939  26 JUL 1939  M       
LAMARHorace    1906  10 Feb 1934  13 OCT 1934  M       
LAMARJoseph    1880  28 Sep 1925  30 SEP 1925  M       
MITCHELL Lilla  Dunham/Hill  1877 14 Aug 1939 20 AUG 1939 F    was adopted by Aaron Hill 


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Submitted Lavern Vaughn from New York (her grand uncles and  great grandparents): 

Horace LAMAR born about 1906, died 10 February 1934 and buried in Myers Cemetery on February 13 by The Brunswick Funeral Home.

Herbert LAMAR born about 1907, died 23 July 1939 and buried in Myers Cemetery on July 26 by the (John)  Byrd Funeral Home. 

Their sisters, Maude Jackson, Minder Demery, Evelena Martin, and Verneathia Mack, are buried in Magnolia Cemetery.

Joseph LAMAR born about 1880, died 28 September 1925 and buried in Myers Cemetery on September 30 by the (John) Byrd Funeral Home.

Annie Liza (Massey) LAMAR born about 1881, died 6 December 1925 and buried in Myers Cemetery on December 7 by the (John) Byrd Funeral Home.

Joseph and Annie are the parents of Horace, Herbert, Maude, Minder, Verneathia, and Evelena.  They have two other children:  Isiah LAMAR and Mary (Lamar) MACK, who could quite possibly be buried here also.



Submitted by Karen Currin from Atlanta [her grandmother]:

Julia Way BAKER born about 1914, died 6 February 1941 and buried in Myers Cemetery by The Brunswick Funeral Home.

Julia is survived by her daughter Mary (Baker) ALLEN, and granddaughter Karen.

Lillie/Lilla Dunham Hill WAY MITCHELL According to Lilla's death record, she was a widow, her last name was Mitchell, she was the daughter of Aaron Hill, and she was 48 years old.  She died 14 August 1939 and was buried by the Brunswick Funeral Home in Myers Cemetery.

The family would like to know more about Julia and her mother Lilla, who their family was, etc. 

See the Surname page for more information. 

If you have any info, please email.



In talking with The Brunswick Funeral Home, it is learned that they do not have any records for this time period, nor do they have any idea of how many burials have taken place out there.

If you have any further information to add, please feel free to email the webmaster, and let us know who else made this their final resting place.


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