New Hope U.M.E. Church Cemetery Glynn Co., Georgia

New Hope U.M.E. Church

From the intersection of Hwy. 17 south and Hwy. 82 west, travel four miles west on Hwy. 82, turn right on Emanuel Church Road, and two tenths of a mile on your right is the cemetery.

A small, well cared for cemetery. The original church that was built after the Civil War for the African-American people in this vicinity, was torn down due to the lack of funds to maintain the ancient structure.  New Hope was established 26 November 1886 and was rebuilt and consecrated 15 April 1990.

Chartered & Honorary Members:  Sis. S. Myers, Bro. P. Wiggins, Bro. A. Hill, Bro. J.K. Sheffield, Bro. L.D. Smith, Bro. G. Foster, Bro. C. Perry, Bro. L. Stafford, Bro. J. Lewis, Sis. I. Maxwell, Sis. L.W. Adams, Sis. R.M. Spaulding.

Administrative Council during the rebuild:  Bro. T. Brown, Chairman Building Committee; Bro. G. Maxwell, President U.M. Men; Sis. C. Robinson, P.P.R. Chairman; Bro. C. Marshall, treasurer; Sis. G. Maxwell, secretary; Sis. D. Wright, youth; Bro. H. Rooks, lay leader; Sis. V. Rooks, Rec-Secretary; Sis. K. Vail, Sunday School Superintendent.

Rev. M.G. Myers, Pastor 33 (degree); Rev. T. Johnson, D.S.; Rev. R. Looney, resident bishop.  A.D. 1990, A.L. 5751, M.W.P.H. Grand Lodge Jurisdiction of Georgia Dr. X.L. Neal, 33 (degree) G.M.

All but two of the graves were in a straight line running east to west.  The last two graves were just above this line, due to a large bush that is growing there.

Transcribed August 2003 by Amy Lyn Hedrick.

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SurnameGiven NameBirth DateDeath DateSexVetAgeRow Space*Images
PINKNEYMamie E  13 Sep 1888  21 Dec 1973  F    85  01  11  
STAFFORDErnestine W  13 May 1910  16 Jun 2006   F   96  01  09 
STAFFORDRobert A  11 Jun 1908  26 Jun 1996  M   88  01  08  
UNKNOWN           01  12 
WIGGINSAristotle Horace  20 May 1909  17 Dec 1997  M  WWII US Army  88  01  10 
WIGGINSFred  27 Apr 1911  14 Sep 1992  M  WWII US Army  81  01  01   
WIGGINSJack  17 Feb 1900  30 Dec 1991  M   91  01  02   
WIGGINSJohnnie      M     01  05   
WIGGINSJohnny Mac  6 Jun 1926  10 Oct 1993  M   67  01  07   
WIGGINSLula  17 Nov 1883  14 Sep 1997  F   113  01  03   
WIGGINSLuther Sr  25 Dec 1869  1949  M     01  04   
WIGGINSLuther Jr      M     01  06   


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