Oak Grove Plantation Cemetery Glynn Co., Georgia

Oak Grove Plantation Cemetery

This is the slave cemetery for Oak Grove Plantation that was owned by the Scarlett Family of Glynn County.

As you can see by this photo, it is overgrown, trees and limbs have fallen, and there are only a handful of grave markers left standing.

It is unknown how many interments there are in this cemetery, nor where each one is located, let alone who may be buried here.

On 3 March 2005, I [Amy Hedrick] surveyed this cemetery and found 5 markers, and a fenced off location possibly marking a plot of graves.

According to research done by the Cemetery Survey Committee spearheaded by Jane Cranshaw, there is one other tombstone to be found.

Today this land is used as a horse ranch and is private property.  There are several dogs that run loose in the property at any given moment, and they may be aggressive, so PLEASE get permission before you visit the cemetery.

To prevent wanton visitors, I will not give the location of this cemetery, unless requested by people researching their family.










Tombstones Found by Amy Hedrick on 3 March 2005


FEB. 26--    OCT. 24
1914            1936
Unmarked Stone between Gussie and "Daughter"

BORN. FEB. 20, 1923
DIED MAR 20, 1928
Fenced off area, possible gravesites


Tombstone found by Jane Cranshaw & the Cemetery Survey Committee

JONES, Martha Parland born 25 July 1874, died 30 August 1906 born at Fancy Bluff and died at Fancy Bluff. "Sacred to the memory of " "She sleeps but not forever, she will wake at easter morn. Then will meet" Footstone M.P.J.

Other Burial Records:

HENDERSON, Peggy (1883 / 07-24-1938) buried here on the 25th according to family records.  I believe Peggy to be Peggy Jenkins (this may not be her maiden name) who married a man named Columbus Hippard that possibly died before 1879.  She may have had two children with Columbus, then she married a second time to a man named Sam Becket and had 2 children with him (he was married previously to a Patience Parland and had at least one child with her).  Later, Sam changed his surname to McClure as did his children with PeggyPeggy married lastly to Jacob Henderson who had about 9 children with a previous wife.  Sam may have had a brother named July who also used the Becket name, but like Sam, he too changed his name, he took the name Flynn.  I believe both men were slaves on the Scarlett family lands.




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