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This cemetery is located in the Haynor Hunting Club property.  I haven't any other information on this cemetery right now.  The directions will not be disclosed as this is private property, I was not allowed to write them down, and it would be too hard to describe the location.  As you can see from the photo, there are miles of woods surrounding this small cemetery.  What you see behind it, is what I had to crawl through to get there!  Snakes, spiders, and briars!  

Many locals, and I am sure any existing family members, may know where this cemetery is so directions aren�t necessary.

Also, this isn�t the true name of the cemetery.  Since I haven't any info to document the name, I chose the two last names of the people buried out here which are two Sheffield and three Lewis family members.

From the looks of the land, this may have been a plantation at one time, there is a line of tall trees, as if it were marking  a driveway to a big plantation home.

I was told that there is one more cemetery out there, or a monument anyways, dedicated to a MOODY family ancestor. We were not able to find it.

Surveyed summer of 2003 by Amy Hedrick.

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SurnameGiven NameMaiden NameBirth DateDeath DateBurialSexAge*Images
LEWISDennis    Mar 1858 17 Jun 1923 18 JUN 1923 M 48   
LEWISEmmaline    1871 1958  F    
LEWISUtah Elga   3 Jul 1901 3 May 1946  M 44   
SHEFFIELDReather    21 Apr 1896 24 Mar 1942  M 45   
SHEFFIELDVernell    14 Sep 1936 16 Mar 1949  M 12   


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